We Need To Discuss Broad City, Aka The Funniest Show On TV Right Now

January 26, 2015 by Justine Schwartz
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I am a total snob when it comes to comedy. To be my friend you have to like Arrested Development (at least seasons 1 and 2) and be able to quote 30 Rock at random. I think a lot of the comedy shows on basic cable are exactly that–basic–and I’d rather re-watch old episodes of shows I like for the one millionth time than get on the bandwagon with a new show that just doesn’t make me laugh out loud. I laugh hardest at Parks and Recreation, Workaholics, Kroll Show and SNL and sometimes get a kick out of Marry Me, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Eliza Coupe’s Benched on USA Network (check it out).

So to say that I am fully obsessed with Broad City should tell you exactly how good it is. (That is, if you’re a TV snob, too. If you prefer Steve Carrell’s Office to the British one, move right along.) Executive produced by Amy Poehler (so you know it’s good), Broad City is adapted from a web series starring Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. Jacobson and Glazer write, produce and act in the show, which centers on two 20-something women living in New York City, and all their wonderfully awkward, gross and devastating encounters, to which millennial city dwellers can relate (like getting locked out of your apartment, or having no A/C during a heat wave, or finding that the cable company has been charging you $100/month for not returning the remote control with your cable box, and that said remote is at your stalker ex’s apartment. Ouch.)

To say that it touches on some “bro humor” would be accurate–expect bong rips and poop jokes–and since it debuted after Workaholics, there are probably a lot of bros that watch it (plus, comedian Hannibal Buress kills as a show regular.) But Broad City is so much more than that–Abbi and Ilana are not trying to be one of the guys or cater to their interests. There are bits about taking off a tape dress during a random hook-up (“this is going to take a while”), how to handle your roommate’s boyfriend who just won’t leave (answer: by dancing naked to Lady Gaga when he does) that will ring especially true for us ladies. Some say it is the first buddy chick comedy of it’s kind, and it is no doubt a pioneering show on the mostly-male Comedy Central line-up. But that’s not why I love it–I love it because it is straight-up hilarious. Here are some clips to whet your appetite–but don’t forget to set your DVR (the show airs Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c).

Abbi’s roommate’s boyfriend finally leaves. Cue the Gaga:

And here’s exactly how it feels to be a poor millennial who gets to roll up to a bank with a fat check to cash:

Here’s their take on “Subway Encounters”–if you’re a New Yorker this might hit a little too close to home (but still hilarious):

And speaking of Amy Poehler, here she is making a brief cameo in last season’s finale:

Let’s play “Truth or Dare?”

Let’s go to the movies.



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