What Does It Mean If You're Always Hot? Here's The Answer

September 2, 2016 by Sara Alderman
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Do you ever complain about it being a million degrees and get looked at like you have five heads? Same. Turns out, there are a few reasons why some of us feel so hot all the time.

1) Science

Yep, we just can’t help this one. We’re about to get science-y here so try and follow along. Your brain has something called the hypothalamus, which creates hormones that control your internal body temperature. The hypothalamus has receptors on it that keep your internal body temp at 98.6 degrees. OK here’s where things get kind of complicated. Your skin has receptors too. The ones near your torsos usually help detect room temperature, which will affect if you’re feeling really hot or cold in the moment. According to Women’s Health, “It only takes as little as a two-degree change for your skin to pick up on it and for you to feel a difference.”

2) Stress

This might sound kind of crazy, but stress can mess with your body temperature. Michael Lynch, Ph.D., tells Women’s Health, “If you’re stressed, your autonomic nervous system kicks in, causing blood to move toward your body’s core organs,” which makes your body temperature rise. “This is your body’s fight or flight response.” So next time your fight with a friend is stressing you out, it could be related to why you’re feeling like you just stepped into a sauna.

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