What His Texts Mean: 5 Common Dude Texts, Explained

September 18, 2015 by ashley kaylor
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Firstly, let me clarify that by “dude texts,” I’m talking about texting–not sexting. That’s an entirely different article. Don’t get me started. Moving on, you should know that I hate talking on the phone. I end up getting dragged into a 20 minute conversation that could’ve been relayed in one short text. Annoying. With that being said, texting is my go-to and a mastered skill, might I add.

As you may have already experienced, deciphering men’s texts can be similar to translating a foreign language. You end up questioning EVERYTHING. “Is he really “LOL?” Was that a mass text or just for me?” Ladies, don’t over analyze. Men don’t think before they talk. His texts are never as complicated and in depth as you might think. Check out my top 5 man texts translated. I guarantee you’ll feel better about his response.

1.“ Are you up?”

What he means: “I’m drunk. You’re easy. Pick up.”

2.“Didn’t see this until now.”

Nope, not possible. He’s lying. He checks his phone multiple times throughout the day, your text just wasn’t a priority.

3.“I wish you were here.” ( at 2:00 AM)

Aw, how sweet! He’s thinking of me and misses me. Yes, he misses you and he’s thinking about you, but more than likely, he’s missing having sex with you. Take it as a compliment and play it up. Time makes the heart GROW fonder, as well as other things, if you know what I mean! (cough cough)

4.“Can’t do this week. Maybe some other time?”

This guy is a chump. Why? Because he can’t man up and tell you that he’s not interested. Instead he’d rather keep putting you off, until you eventually fade out. See you NEVER pal.

5. “K.”

Yes, that’s it. That’s all he gave you. You just sent him a short novel, and he returned it with “K”, or “Cool.” Really dude? You got nothing else for me? Analyzing his one-word answers is a waste of your time, instead next time he asks you out, reply with “Maybe.” OUCH! Trust me he’ll get the hint.


About the author: Ashley Kaylor is a professional matchmaker in New York City. Stay Connected On FB: Matchmaker of Love & Lifestyle or Follow her on Twitter @ashley_kaylor!

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