Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Next Big Thing In Beauty, Squalene

February 14, 2018 by Jeanine Edwards
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One of the many reasons I love being a writer is that I learn so much. I’m constantly reading, but I also get to interact with so many crazy smart people. Julie Fredrickson–founder of Stowaway Cosmetics–just happens to be one of those people. Recently, she was showing me some of the new products Stowaway will be introducing in 2017 and casually said, “I really love this one because it has Squalene in it.” Huh, I though to myself? What is squalene?

That’s when Julie got really excited because she low key knows everything about makeup and skincare. According to Julie, Squalene is the next hyaluronic acid; the “it” ingredient every brand is putting in their product and on labels.

So consider this your early invite to the Squalene party. Julie is here to give you the full download so you know why it’s so amazing and why you should definitely be using products made with it.

SheFinds: Everyone was talking about hyaluronic acid in 2017? What’s going to be the beauty world’s buzz ingredient in 2018?

Julie Fredickson: Hyaluronic Acid is so exciting because it has an immediate impact on your complexion, unlike other anti-aging products which can take some time to show results. It retains moisture like almost no other ingredient, which can plump up dull and dry skin and keep it looking great for longer. But as great as it is, there are other ingredients that are in the same category of this superstar. I’m personally very excited about Squalene.

SF: What exactly is Squalene? What does it do?

JF: Squalene is naturally occurring in your body. It actually originates in your liver and it can be found in all kinds of places (olive oil, wheat germ, rice bran) and is used as a supplement for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Squalene oil contains elements that can help an individual’s immune system response. The American Cancer Society is even behind it because of its alkylglycerols, which some researchers have suggested can fight off colds, viruses and infections. The World Health Organization has even seen it added to the flu vaccine to help with immune systems’ response and it’s been used to treat skin wounds and rashes, which is pretty cool!

Now, how does it relate to your skin? It’s estimated that about 10% of your skin is a natural lipid. That makes it a very effective emollient and antioxidant as its already part of your body! As an ingredient great for keeping the moisture in your skin, taking care of pesky dry patches and of course plumping up those fine lines!

SF: Are there products on the market now that include Squalene?

JF: There are a few and I hope there will be more. I like Kiehl’s Midnight Recover Concentrate personally for intense treatments and I use Laneige’s Moisture Bank every single day. It is my absolute go to as a catch-all moisturizer.

Alas there aren’t as many color cosmetic products on the market with it.

SF: Is squalene good for all skin types?

JF: Even if you have oily skin, keeping a moisture balance is essential. Because squalene is a lipid already in your skin as opposed to other types of moisturizers, some oily skinned women might find it to be a great option on its own versus other moisture sources that aren’t naturally occurring in your skin.

SF: Any precautions women should take when using products that contain squalene?

JF: That’s what so great about it – there aren’t any precautions! It isn’t like an acid where you can overdo it. Don’t turn yourself into an oil slick but overall it is an ingredient that is pretty hard to mess up.

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