What The Season You Get Married In Says About You

July 22, 2016 by Keren Leshem
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Every bride has her own unique style, design, and flair for planning the wedding of her dreams. From the color scheme, decor, and dress style, to the band, seating arrangements, and cake, a bride’s taste in the details of her wedding can say a lot about her. But above all, what can say the most about a bride is the season that she gets married in! The weather and time of year of a wedding can say a lot about the bride, and her personality. So if you’re currently planning your wedding, looking forward to your friend’s big day, or just daydreaming about your future nuptials, take a look and see what your wedding season says about you!

Winter: Well, sometimes, you kind of come off as a hard-a**, but your friends love you for it. You like things to be organized, value a friend’s loyalty, and if anyone shows up late to your wedding, you’ll be the first to make sure they never forget it! You’re the first person your friends turn to when they need some tough-love advice that they know (and you know) will be the right choice in the end. Everyone is expecting your wedding to be perfection – up to the last petal that the flower girl throws – and you enjoy the challenge of making things just right. Just remember not to stress too much on your big day, and enjoy yourself!

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Spring: Just like spring takes a little bit of time to emerge from the depths of winter, you also need some time to break out of your shell. But once you blossom, everyone realizes why your friends and family adore you. Your close friends value your friendship and know that you will always be there for them. Your caring and kind attitude, along with your knack for a good time will be the central focus of your wedding! Remember that it’s okay to let loose and enjoy yourself!

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Summer: You’ve always been the partier of your friend group, and you won’t let the married-life stop you! In the season of non-stop fun in the sun, your wedding is sure to have great music, great drinks, and a great time! Try to remember that you actually are an adult now (huh?), so like maybe don’t shotgun a beer on the big day… or if you do, just don’t get it on your dress. Your friends love your carefree, spontaneous personality, and value your adventurous attitude. Remember to keep those qualities with you throughout your new married life!

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Fall: Nothing says serenity like a fall wedding. You value nature and time to yourself, and can always restore your peace of mind with a nice walk, hike, or bike ride. You’re free-spirit agenda and hipster tendencies make you easily pleased, but remember that this is your wedding, so you kind of have to give a sh*t… Don’t let others take over your big decisions and try to stay calm when things get rough. It might get stressful, but remember that it will turn out to be a great day, and the beginning of your married life will start off on a positive note!

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