What To Hang Vs. What To Fold In Your Closet

April 13, 2015 by Claudia Saide
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There’s sort of a science to keeping your wardrobe neat and orderly, and contrary to what I always thought, it does not involve hanging every single thing you own. There are certain things that should definitely be hung up, but other things are best kept when folded. If you’re a neat-freak like I am, you’ll totally appreciate the tips I grabbed from Martha Stewart and Live Well Network that taught me all about what I should be putting on hangers and what I should be folding.

What to hang:

Dresses. Slinky silk dresses should be hung on a padded hanger, and lightweight gowns should be hung up by their loops.

Blouses. Be sure to keep the top button closed when hanging a button-up to keep the collar intact.

Trousers and dress pants. Either hang these on hanger clips by their waist or hem, or fold them in half and fold them over the hanger.

Jackets, blazers, and coats. Ideally, these are best kept on a curved suit hanger.

Skirts. Use hangers with clips or hanging loops for these.

Scarves. Fold them in half and hang them over the hanger.

*Extra tip: Next time you’re thinking to cut those little loops off your tops and dresses, think again, they’re there so you can use them for hanging.

 What to fold:

T-shirts. Hangers can stretch your tees out, so use Marie Kondo’s folding trick to keep them safe in a drawer.

All knitwear. This includes sweaters, knit dresses, and knit pants—sweaters and knits don’t really wrinkle.

Bras and Underwear. Silk nightgowns fall under the dress category and can be hung up, but your everyday bras and undies should be stored in a drawer.

Jeans, cords, and khakis. Casual pants made from durable fabrics can be folded.

Heavily embellished evening gowns. Since these tend to be heavy, hanging them can distort their shape, so fold them in layers of tissue paper and store them in a safe place.

*Extra tip: Use tissue paper when folding anything delicate for extra protection.

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