What Your Go-To Nail Polish Color Says About You

August 5, 2015 by Lisa Fogarty
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The other day, I tried an electric blue nail polish and almost instantly, I felt different–wilder, more free. That’s because color–including the hues we choose for our fingertips–is both a reflection of our personalities (who we are and who we aspire to be that day), as well as an invitation for others to feel a certain way when they look at us. If you’ve ever wondered why you always gravitate toward red, pink or beige nail polish at the salon, the answer could have more to do with who you are or want to be than simply what shade you feel will best go with your outfit that day.

“Today, nail polish speaks louder than words and it’s the ultimate self-expression,” says Greg Salo, co-founder of Caption Nail Polish. “It reveals how you see the world and how you see yourself in it. The range of color available is so immense and unbelievable that there is only a positive connotation about what a particular color implies about you as a person. It’s inspiring.”

Dying to know what your go-to shade says about you? Salo breaks down the secret meaning behind some of the most popular nail polish hues.



You’re a classic beauty in a traditional sense. You appreciate a good glass of wine, a fine meal with friends and well-made shoes and bags (you tend to shop for styles that will stand the test of time). At work, you’re either the boss or working your way up into an executive position. When you speak, people listen, and you like being in the company of friends who are honest and direct.


You definitely have a romantic, sweet side, but when you’re in the right surroundings–like hanging out with someone you love or doing something you adore–you come alive and show the world a courageous side. You flourish in a professional environment that allows you to use your communication skills to connect with others and fulfill their needs.

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You’re a minimalist at heart. Your style icons include Grace Kelly, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. You know what fashions work for you and which don’t, and you aren’t a slave to trends. Others think of you as a fun friend because you’re always willing to jump into the pool or ocean (and don’t mind if your hair gets wet) and value adventure and life experiences over appearances.


You’re creative and like to bend the rules. In school, teachers described you as “artistic” and “eccentric,” and looked the other way when you created murals on your desk. When others find excuses not to do things, you look for reasons why you should absolutely go ahead with plans to throw your parents’ 30th wedding anniversary party in a state park. In conversations and debates, you remain open-minded and are willing to learn and have your preconceived notions about a topic totally rocked.

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You are supremely self-confident and satisfied with your life and your relationships. You don’t value material goods or flashy accessories or fashion, preferring instead to use your money to improve the quality of your home or garden or to take a class in something that interests you. Your level-headedness and attention to detail makes you the person everyone turns to at work when they need to make sure their ideas are solid.


You’re independent and like to think outside the box. If you aren’t already designing clothing or taking photography classes and using your skills to capture nature, you should be. You like large crowds, but only in small doses, and prefer to spend time with a small group of friends with whom you can open your heart and talk about things that really matter. You always seek tranquility in peace in every situation.

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You’re chic and outspoken. People sometimes get the wrong impression about you and assume you’re goth (and maybe you are and happy to embrace it), but oftentimes they confuse your fierce self-confidence and devil-may-care attitude with something darker. You’re the type of person who never lets anyone put you in a box. One day, you’re taking karate lessons–the next, working on your barre skills.

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