Find Out What Your Handwriting Says About You

September 19, 2017 by Leah Carton
shefinds | Style

You probably don’t think twice when you go to jot down a mental note on paper, right? And if we’re being honest, you actually probably haven’t given much thought at all to the way your handwriting looks since you were in grade school. Even though we all learn to write the same way, we have all created and adapted our own handwriting over the years. We simply write in whatever style that is the easiest and most comfortable to us. So, take a minute and think about how your handwriting looks. Do you take your time and neatly print each word, or do you do a fast scribble? Or, are you old fashioned and write out your words in beautiful script? Any way you do it, your handwriting actually indicates something about you. Luckily, we are able to help you find out what your handwriting says about you.

In fact, master graphologist Kathi McKnight spoke to Business Insider about what your handwriting says about you. Kathi says that experts can find more than 5,000 traits about you just based on your writing. How crazy is that?! So, let’s dive in. We can tell you what your loose scribble, neat print, or fancy cursive writing says about you.

A) Loose and Scribbled 

You write loosely whether you have all the time in the world to write something down or are in a hurry. This style of handwriting actually does indicate something unique about you. If you can barely make out your scribbled words, that means that you’re a busy and carefree person. You don’t dedicate too much time to the little things and want to give your time to the things that matter most. Because of that, that also means that you are super caring– despite your free spirit and carefree nature.

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B) Neat and Printed

Neat and printed handwriting is arguably the easiest form of handwriting to read. Turns out, you’re most likely an open book yourself if you write like this. You like to take your time and have a sound understanding of yourself, and the people and things that surround you. Those who write in a neat manner are also super organized and prefer to understand things clearly. You don’t enjoy a chaotic lifestyle, you’d rather everything be orderly– which is totally fine by the way!

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C) Fancy and Cursive

If your handwriting is cursive, you take extra time to appreciate the details of everyday life. You’re most likely more artsy and enjoy the finer things in life. Cursive handwriting also means that you appreciate the older aspects of things and have a love for tradition. I mean, how many people write in cursive these days? Think about it. Fancy cursive handwriting simply means that you like the fancy luxuries that come your way. Designer handbag? Yes please. Oh, and that new KKW Beauty launch? We’re sure you’re one of the first ones that place an online order.

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Leah Carton was a superstar intern for SheFinds, covering fashion, beauty & more.

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