Would You Ever Be a Surrogate?

November 2, 2011 by Mom Jeanine
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Last night I was watching Parenthood and one of the characters, Julia, had a super awkward exchange with her surrogate. As it always seems to be portrayed on TV, the surrogate was some young girl who didn’t know anything about being pregnant. When Julia caught her surrogate eating sushi, she tried to explain that pregnant women shouldn’t eat sushi and it all came out wrong. But it turns out, the surrogate didn’t know any of this. It was an uncomfortable convo, but it needed to happen.

So I started thinking, wouldn’t women who’ve already been pregnant make the best surrogates? I mean, they already know what not to do, what not to eat, etc.

I also ask because, crazy as it sounds, I’ve actually considered the idea of being a surrogate. Yes, the money is amazing (and it would totally cover my daughter’s schooling for a year), but that’s not the real reason I’m open to surrogacy.

Someone very close to me has suffered several miscarriages. Most recently, she made it to her second trimester and then there were crazy complications that threatened the life of her baby. I know how badly she wants to be a mom–and I think her and her husband would be great parents. So when the thought of carrying a baby for them randomly crossed my mind, I didn’t immediately dismiss. They didn’t ask or even suggest it, but if they did, I would strongly consider it.

Now I get how this could be weird for some people, but let me explain. For one, there is no sex involved. So I wouldn’t have to cheat on my boyfriend and her husband wouldn’t have to cheat on her.

Secondly, I absolutely loved being pregnant. I would say that I am a pretty happy mother, but I was a completely jubilant pregnant person. There was no sickness, I didn’t mind the weight gain and I really have nothing negative to say about the whole process. Not even labor, which was hard, of course, but not so traumatizing that I wouldn’t do it again.

Most importantly, though, I know what it’s like to want a child. And I also know what an amazing experience raising a child is. So if there was a way for me to give that to someone I love–someone who wants it just as much as I did–I would strongly consider it. I don’t see carrying someone else’s child as this gross invasion of my personal space or life. As hippie dippy as it may sound, my body is just a vessel I can use to help give this couple I love an amazing gift.

And it’s not like I’d have to hand the baby off and never see it again. Because I’m close to these people, I could watch him/her grow and celebrate milestones right along with the parents.

Weirded out? Yeah, my boyfriend is too so luckily no one has asked me to be their surrogate. Yet. Just kidding (sort of).

What about you, though? Would you ever, under any circumstances, carry a baby for someone else? Share in the comments.

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