You Will Never Sleep In Your Contacts Again After You Read This

December 2, 2015 by Ella Cajayon
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You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t sleep with your contacts in, but you’ve also probably never thought too much about the consequences if you do it. Well, take our word for it when we tell you just how bad it is. In short, it left a woman with a 7-8 inch worm inside her eyeball. Gross is an understatement.

In the latest episode of Animal Planet’s Monsters Inside Me, Iowa college student Melanie suffered light sensitivity and pain. What the doctors quickly realized is the reason why you will never sleep in contracts again…

This irritation that Melanie experienced was due to a rare parasite eating her eye.

Biologist Dan Riskin says in a clip for the upcoming episode, “What makes the Acanthamoeba parasite so dangerous is their ability to burrow deep into the tissue of the eyeball.”

“Once there, they can be hard to remove or even treat, which allows the parasites to feed on the host’s cells unchecked.”

Initially, Melanie went back to school and recommended to use an eye drop solution given by her doctor, which likened to professional pool cleaner. She was requested to apply the eye drops every hour for four days.

Melanie shares in the preview, “When I put the eye drops in, the pain it caused was just intense burning. It was an uphill battle, knowing at the top of the next hour you were going to have to do it again and having to set my alarm clock and get up all hours of the night. Just a continuous cycle of pain.”

And then the worst happened. One morning, she woke up to find that her entire eyeball was white and she found difficulty seeing with it.

Melanie says, “It made me look possessed, and I was starting to lose my eyesight. The parasite was completely taking over.”

If you want to find out how Melanie recovered from this incident with the parasite and her eye, the episode premieres this Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on Animal Planet. In the meantime, here’s a clip!

If nothing else, we sure learned our lesson to never sleep in our contacts ever again.

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