You're Doing It Wrong: Curling Your Eyelashes

July 11, 2014 by Julia Welling
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Curling your eyelashes seems like a no-brainer. You just grab your eyelash curler and clamp it down on your lashes, right? Wrong. There is much more to curling your eyelashes than that. Sure, this MIGHT work, but if you want your lashes to actually look good and stay curled all day, you have to follow these steps. Chances are, you’ve been doing it wrong and you didn’t even know!

Warning before you start: DO NOT put mascara on before you curl your lashes. This is the #1 mistake that girls make. If you put your mascara on first, your eyelash curler will make them stick together and get clumpy, which is not cute.

Ok, now that we have that mistake cleared up, you can move on.

Step 1: First, you have to make sure your eyelashes are dry. If you just washed your face or got out of the shower, you have to wait. Or, if you’re in a hurry, blow your hair dryer on your face for a few minutes. Just down’t let it get too hot. We suggest putting it on the lowest setting. Makes sense, right? Just like a hot curling iron works on your hair, a heated lash curler works on your eyes.

Step 2: Hold your warm eyelash curler in one hand and your hair dryer in the other. Blow your dryer on your curler for about 30-seconds or until your curler is warm. Don’t let it get too hot or you’ll burn yourself. Test it on your hand and if it feels too hot, wait for it to cool down. Burnt eyelids hurt.

Step 3: Open your curler and carefully clamp it at the base of your eyelid. Hold it for about 10 seconds. Open it up and clamp it down for another 10 seconds. This time, tilt your hand slightly upward. The upwards tilt is key to making the perfect curl. Repeat this on the other eye, obviously.

Step 4: Apply your favorite mascara to both of your eyes carefully to avoid clumps and separations.

And you’re done. Now, you’ve curled your lashes the right way and you should be left with longer-looking lashes. Did this work for you? Thought so. Don’t do it wrong again.

If you need to shop for a new eyelash curler, check out our slideshow! And for more beauty tips, read: sunburn hacks, how to fill in your eyebrows, and how to make your hair grow faster.


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