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September 30, 2019 by Jeanine Edwards
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Here’s the truth about snoring: either you live with a snorer or you are the snorer. Regardless of what category you fall into, there’s no shame because lots of people snore. Over 100 million Americans alone are said to snore regularly; some reports even show that 40% of adult men and 24% of adult women are habitual snorers.

Given that so many people snore, it’s actually quite shocking how little most people really know about snoring. And what’s even more scary is that fewer than 10% of snorers worldwide ever receive effective treatment. That all ends here!

What Causes Snoring

Though people commonly assume the nose is the culprit when it comes to snoring, that’s all wrong. Snoring is actually caused when the tongue falls into the back of the throat. When your tongue is in this position, it blocks your airway and this is a primary cause of snoring.

In addition to being disruptive and sometimes embarrassing, snoring can also be a precursor to sleep apnea, a serious medical condition that is linked to many more serious health disorders like heart attacks, diabetes and more. That’s why identifying the cause of your snoring and treating is properly are so important.

How To Effectively Treat Snoring

Anti-snoring mouthpieces are the most common course of treatment when it comes to snoring, but the fact is they’re simply not effective enough to have large-scale impact. That’s why Zyppah is such a game-changer. It’s currently the most effective snoring solution; it’s been proven to be 91% effective in controlling snoring!

What sets Zyppah apart? Their patented elastic tongue strap, called Z-Factor, which stops the tongue from blocking your airway. Zyppah also repositions your jaw and gently moves it forward to help relieve the constriction of the airway that results from the relaxing of the jaw. The result? A more restful and complete night’s sleep for you… and the person you’re sharing a bed with!

Ready to be one of the people who effectively gets snoring under control? Zyppah has a 5-star customer rating, so you can shop with confidence you’re getting a product that will really work for you (or a loved one).


This article was created in partnership with Zyppah.


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