Meet Rosario Chozas, The Stylist Turned Designer Behind Cult Miami Clothing Brand, Bammies Life

August 4, 2017 by Jeanine Edwards
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We love women who follow their dreams and make things happen, Rosario Chozas, founder and designer of Bammies Life, perfectly embodies that. I recently had the opportunity to try the brand’s amazing  Leslie tank and wowza! The fit, the feel… it’s all amazing.

Of course, I just had to learn more about the incredible lady behind the brand. Get to know more about her and Bammies Life below.

SHEfinds: Tell us a little about yourself? Have you always been a fashion designer?

Rosario Chozas: Hi, my name is Rosario (and yes it ends in an O even though I’m a lady) and I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I grew up in Southern California and when I was 19 decided that I wanted to start my life, my adult life (whatever that means) in Buenos Aires… so I did. I moved there and through advertising started working in wardrobe styling for commercials, which lead to fashion production, which lead to personal styling and ultimately teaching workshops about styling and the non verbal language of color and color theory. I never studied fashion design, but I speak the language of clothing and more specifically I know how to translate the very intrinsic language that women speak and want to speak about themselves, their style and how they want they world to see them.

Through personal styling I learned a lot about body types, personal style, color and how all women at some point or in some way feel lost about how to present their most amazing selves. This is what guides and inspires me to be create clothing that serves as a solution for the very busy, passionate, multi-faceted women that we are today.

SF: What led you to create Bammies?

RC: After working in very creative industries in Buenos Aires, I moved back to the US via Miami and co-created a conference called WIT (women, innovation & technology). The conference became part of a larger tech/innovation conference that occurs once a year here in Miami. In that time I found myself in a new professional setting, with key cards and “office lighting” and conference calls with an unnecessary amount of people on them, etc. I felt foreign, alien, completely out of place. In order to not feel self-conscious and keep my self esteem up I decided to build out a little wardrobe for myself that made me feel comfortable and at ease and myself, but was also in line with this new professional context. Everyone, like everyone, would comment on how comfy I always looked, which I took as a compliment, of course. That then started the joke of me responding “oh, I’m just wearing my business jammies” which then led to Bammies and then led to it actually becoming a real sample collection that launched on a pre-sale in January of ’16.

SF: How is Bammies different from other clothing lines?

RC: There are a few things that make Bammies unique. We do capsule collections and absolutely believe that you don’t need a closet full of ‘stuff” but that there is so much freedom and expression and power in having great staple pieces that you can make work for just about any occasion. We are also size inclusive, we offer xs-4xl because we believe that every body deserves to feel elegant and comfortable. We are machine washable, so you don’t loose time or money going to the dry cleaner. We don’t use hardware, we have form fitting elastic waistbands that don’t dig into your side after lunch :) We are NOT yoga pants. We offer elevated basics for busy ladies, that just so happen to be as comfortable as yoga pants, or pajamas, but are neither (although you can totally sleep or do yoga in your Bammies and I will not judge).

SF: Talk to us about the bestsellers–what are they and why are they so popular?

RC: The “Consuelo” pant or gaucho inspired pant has an edgy but sophisticated attitude and is attractive to a variety of different personal styles.

The “Logan” pant is a classic, wide leg, high waited pant that can be your best friend for cocktail parties, lunch dates and travel days for years due to its classic and comfy design.

The “Grace” blazer is the perfect un-structured blazer that when thrown on top of any outfit just makes you look like you have it together. Also a great travel companion.

The “Rose” top is like a blouse + a t-shirt baby that has an infinite number of uses and can be dressed up and down so easily that women love it. So far we have made it in 3 colors and it will always be a staple of Bammies.

SF: You just launched Collection 03–what are the standout pieces?

RC: The “Amy” shift dress is like a heaven in a pocket-ed shift dress. Its a light fabric, super easy to pair with heels or tights and boots and isn’t too short that you can’t wear it to the office. Its the best! The “Julia” top in deep teal is also a standout piece because it has such a silky vibe and rich color that it’s easy for it to become a signature piece.

SF: Who is the Bammies customer? Who should be wearing Bammies?

RC: The Bammies customer… busy ladies. For the most part they are between 28-45 yrs old, they are young professionals and/or moms who don’t have time to waste but care about their appearance and need clothes that serves as solution and is practical. Bammies should be worn by everyone, obviously, but is ideal for women who free-lance, who travel a lot for work or who focus on minimal/capsule closets.

SF: What’s next for Bammies?

RC: Well, we would love to be on QVC (dreams) and share the Bammies LYFE with the world, but in the immediate we have a summer showroom in Miami, we are going to have a virtual pop-up showroom in Canada, be featured on a capsule collection based online store and will be launching a mini collection in September of a classic muscle tank and high (elastic) waisted cigarette type black pant. Thats what we are working for, for the time being… until QVC obviously.

SF: If you weren’t running Bammies, what would you be doing?

RC: Well, I do a lot of the things that I would be doing if I weren’t doing Bammies. I would continue to work with organizations, women, leaders, etc to help foster an more equitable professional sphere. I would be styling women, helping them find the tools they need to feel empowered when they get dressed in the morning. And I would be wearing comfy, classics that allow me to do me whenever and wherever. So, basically all of the same things.

SF: What Bammies piece(s) do you live in?

RC: Ufff, that a tough one to answer… the “Consuelo” gaucho pant for sure, the “Grace” blazer, the “Joan” Cropped trouser and I can’t go on enough about the upcoming “Gaby” pant — which is the high waisted cigarette type pant. Those along with the Leslie tank and a couple t-shirts and blouses and I’m good to go for basically anything. OH wait, and the “Connell” dress in tan, best thing that happened to networking events, hands down.




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