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Can You Tell Which Bag Is The Gucci Marmont And Which Is The Topshop Look-Alike?

One is from Gucci and will set you back $1,100. The other is from everyone's favorite fast fashion store Topshop, and is only $40. Can you tell which is which?? Okay, the logos are a dead giveaway--but can you believe how similar these bags look? Let's really break it down. To start, Gucci has been making the blogger-loved Marmont bag for a couple seasons now. Style bloggers adore it (see social media, below), purse bloggers adore it... who knew that basically a fanny pack could garner this much respect and adoration? Here it is on Instagram in full Gucci goodness: https://www.instagram.com/p/BeP-AX5HOlu/?taken-by=shopleportier https://www.instagram.com/p/BY1QiQphjsy/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=embed_legacy See how flawlessly it belts over power suits? It's New York Fashion Week-worthy. Just ask bloggers like Caroline Daur (pictured above, in said power suit). Convinced that you need one in your life yet? We hope you've been saving! GUCCI GG Marmont matelassé belt bag ($1,100) So then you have this delicious discovery: a site called Her alerted us to the fact that now Topshop has jumped aboard the fanny pack bandwagon, with a wonderful Marmont bag lookalike. But this one is a very very small fraction of the Gucci price. Their Queenie bag stirs up the same emotions (and is roughly the same size, shape, quilting, etc.) as the Marmont. Except this one has velvet (ooooh! ahhhhh!) and costs $40. SO TEMPTING! Guilt-free: Topshop Queenie Quilted Velvet Bum Bag ($40) So, tell us what you think--is the Topshop Queenie a perfect Gucci Marmont knock-off... or are we dreaming? Which would you rather own? Are you likely to buy either?

Cropped Wide Leg Pants Are Actually Really Flattering–Shop Our Faves Now

One item that should be in your wardrobe rotation ASAP? A pair of cropped wide leg pants! Seriously, these pants are such a versatile piece to have in your closet, as they can me worn throughout the year. Style them with sweaters, cardigans, and any number of booties in the winter or blazers, light tops, jackets, and wedges in the summer. You will practically never run out of fun items to mix and match with these pants. Even better, they are also super flattering! So you can finally add some variety to the black skinny jeans and dark blue denims that you've been rocking on repeat this winter. We promise they're just as slimming--and more eye-catching. Do I have your attention yet?! Well, take a look at some cropped wide leg pants that you should put in your cart right now! Halogen Belted Wide Leg Crop Pants ($89) Now, you can never go wrong with a pair of black pants, as they are the perfect everyday item to wear from day to night. And these Belted Wide Leg Crop Pants from Halogen are no exception! These crop pants are a must-have for your wardrobe. Just look at how slimming this pair is. Plus, the belt adds a bit of flare to make them stand out. Go ahead and dress these pants up with a gorgeous blouse and heels or keep it work casual for the office with a pullover and a pair of mules. BP. Scalloped Waist Wide Leg Crop Pants ($49) If you are looking for a fun pair that's so on trend, then you should check out these BP. Scalloped Waist Wide Leg Crop Pants! Don't be afraid to get a pair that has a print, as you can accessorize them with so many different solids and blouses. These feature a scalloped waist that is super stylish--not to mention flattering for the midriff area! Paired with a pair of pointy toes, you will definitely be getting compliments on these pants all day long. Mimi Chica Ruffle Hem Crop Pants ($45) Don't think that prints and patterns are the only draw to cropped wide leg pants, you can also find other amazing details when looking at them. Take for instance these Mimi Chica Ruffle Hem Crop Pants! First off, they come in two chic prints that are great for wearing anywhere from the boardroom to after work drinks with friends. But just take a moment to look at the ruffle hem that makes these pants such a statement piece. Topshop Crop Wide Leg Jeans ($75) And you don't have to give up on jeans to get the look either! The Crop Wide Leg Jeans from Topshop are proof enough, as they show off the style perfectly. Plus, the distressed hems are so in right now! Rock these as a casual closet staple, or upgrade them with a button down shirt and booties for an outfit pairing that you can wear on any number of occasions. There are so many possibilities. [Photo: Song of Style]

10 Trends That Will Be HUGE In 2018 That Are Already In Your Closet

With the new year, you're probably ready to try out a new style - and there's no shortage of runway inspiration to pull from in 2018. But you won't have to worry about blowing your latest paycheck on a complete wardrobe makeover, because many of this season's hottest trends can be put together from items you already have in your closet. From unconventional pattern blocking to 90s-inspired shades, we've rounded up the best looks to try this year without having to spend a dime. 1. Fringe Fringe is back, and it's bigger and bolder than ever. Silky strands add a touch of elegance to any ensemble, while floor-length tassels create the perfect bold flair. You can start with a simple fringed accessory until you're ready to rock a head-to-toe look. 2. Plaid Plaid blazers were one of the chicest trends of 2017, so it's only natural that the timeless pattern carried over into the new year. You can never go wrong with a neutral plaid palette, but we're currently obsessed with more vibrant, multi-colored options. 3. Statement earrings Try rocking some oversized hoops or stunning tear earrings to amp up the wow factor. Statement earrings can take an outfit from simple to dynamic in a flash. 4. Workout-inspired This trend elevates athleisure to new heights. Drawstring details and cropped silhouettes can now be found outside the gym, and we're living for it. 5. Sparkles, sparkles, and more sparkles! Despite what Mom told you when you were younger, no amount of sparkles is off limits for your fabulous adult self. Satisfy your glitzy fantasies with a shimmering mini dress and ankle boots for a look that's both fun and sophisticated. 6. Mixed bold prints While you may stick to more traditional styles, this year is all about experimenting with the unconventional. Try mixing bold patterns together, like florals and plaid. The key to making it work? Opt for patterns in a similar color range. 7. Ultra Violet Pantone recently named Ultra Violet as its 2018 Color of the Year, so it's no surprise we're already seeing the hue everywhere. Pastels and lilacs are great hues to incorporate into your wardrobe for spring. 8. Tiny sunglasses Beloved by Gigi Hadid, these sweet cat eye frames are making a resurgence from decades past. Scour your old dress-up stash to uncover a similar pair of beauties or visit your local vintage shop to get in on the 90s-inspired trend. 9. Corduroy We couldn't be more thrilled that corduroy is making a comeback this year. Its soft texture can easily take you from day to night, whether it be in the form of a mini skirt or jumpsuit. 10. Brand Logos From Calvin Klein etched sports bras to Tommy Hilfiger emblazoned sweaters, brand logos are the "it" cool girl trend of 2018. We're guessing you probably own one of these items from the 90s, so you'll want to pull it out ASAP. Of course, the more worn it looks the better, as this adds to the overall retro effect. For even more amazing style inspiration for the new year, check out 8 Cheap Winter Coats That Are Anything But Basic and The One Way To Stop Your Ripped Jeans From Ripping Even More. [Photos: ImaxTree]

Birchbox Just Launched Their Most Instagram-Worthy Box Yet

We all know and love Birchbox for their beauty-filled boxes that are delivered to your doorstep every month. But their newest box has way more than just beauty products in it! The brand has released a limited edition Millennial Time Capsule Box filled with everything you need to take your Instagram selfies to the next level! Yes, you read that right. A box filled with products to step up your social media game? Dreams really do come true! So, now you're probably wondering what the heck is in it, right?! Here are the products you can expect to see in your Millennial Time Capsule Birchbox: GLAMGLOW BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask Bubble masks were all the rave this year, and it doesn't look like the skincare trend is going to die down anytime soon. The Millennial box features a GLAMGLOW bubble mask that you'll definitely want to snap a selfie in when you try it. After the mask begins to bubble, let it sit for three minutes and then take it off with a washcloth. Glowy skin has never been so easy! VERB Ghost Oil Using this hair oil is not as scary as the product name sounds. It's so lightweight that you won't even know it's in your hair. The best part is that you can use it on damp hair as a heat protectant, or add it to dry hair for some extra shine. Smith & Cult The Shining Lip Lacquer This coveted beauty brand is known for their nail polishes, but they also have other great beauty products as well, like this lip gloss in shade Now Kith. This rosy nude gloss is perfect for everyday wear and keeps your lips shiny and moisturized, all thanks its hydrating formula. MILK Makeup Liquid Strobe This brand has been #Winning with all of its highlighters lately, and this liquid strobe is no different. With an iridescent effect, glide this on to your cheekbones, eyes, or collarbones for that extra pop. And, it is in shade Ultra Violet, which is the color of the year! Seriously, this product is SO on-trend! Touch In Sol Metallist Liquid Foil Lipstick Duo Want your lips to be the star of the show in your selfie? Then this is the lipstick duo for you. First, apply the matte lipstick and let it sit for a minute. Then, add on the sparkly gloss to finish the look. When everyone comments on your selfie and asks which shade you are wearing, you can tell them it's Maria and that you got it in your Millennial Birchbox! Emoji Heart Eyes Pop Socket This handy device was made for selfie takers. It makes selfie-taking easy and stress-free, while also providing support to help prop your phone from any angle. Wireless Selfie Stick If the pop socket isn't cutting it, Birchbox is also hooking you up with a selfie stick! Use this Bluetooth-compatible selfie stick to capture the perfect picture. It also folds up so you can take it on the go! Pink Selfie Light If there is one thing that we have learned from taking selfies, it's that lighting is key. I mean, don't you want everyone to be able to see how well you did your makeup and hair?! Clip this rechargeable ring light on top of your phone so you can capture the perfect picture no matter where you are. Oh, did I forget to mention that you can get this $123 value box for just $42?!? You better hurry up and get yours now!   SHOP THIS LIMITED EDITION BIRCHBOX HERE!   Looking for other amazing beauty subscription boxes to splurge on? Then you need to check out FabFitFun's Winter Box at SheFinds.com   [Photos: Birchbox]

Once And For All, Here’s How To Break In New Shoes

Who doesn't love getting a brand new pair of shoes?! Stilettos, pumps, boots--you always have something that needs to be restocked. The only downfall of grabbing a fresh pair is that new shoe feel, namely that tightness or stiffness that goes hand in hand with a pair right off of the shelf. You have to break them in before they become your go-to. And if you still haven't figured out how to work in those new purchases, here are a few ways to break in new shoes that really work. 1.Wear them around the house. One of the easiest ways to break in those uncomfortable new shoes is to actually wear them. But that doesn't mean you have to stay in them all day long. Just slip them on for a few minutes each day to start breaking them in. 2.Stretch them out with socks. While you're walking it out in your new heels for 5-10 minutes a day, do it while wearing socks that'll help you stretch out the shoes so that they aren't so tight or stiff to walk in. 3.Freeze your shoes overnight. One of the most popular tricks out there is the freezer hack. Fill two plastic bags with water, stick them in your shoes, and freeze the shoes overnight. Then take them out, and once they thaw, you should notice that they fit better. 4.Buy some stretching spray. Go ahead and invest in a solution that will help to stretch out those new shoes, making them easier to wear. Check the store to see if they have a brand that you can purchase, or do a quick search online to find a spray that's right for your shoes. 5.Pull out the blow dryer. When you're dealing with shoes that are extra tight in places, take out your blow dryer, and try pointing it at the area for a few seconds to loosen up the fabric. Always gauge whether or not the shoe fabric should be exposed to heat, as some synthetic fabrics are sensitive. Most importantly, make sure that your put the dryer on the lowest setting! [Photo: ImaxTree]

PHOTOS: New Balance Pastel Sneakers Are Almost Here & We Want Every Pair

New Balance just announced that they'll be launching a new all-pastel collection on February 1--and TBH it feels like the Easter Bunny is about to come. We're. So. Excited. Here's everything you need to know: TheThe Spring 2018 Pastel Pack collection features the iconic Classic 574 sneaker in every pastel shade imaginable: white, blue, green, pink and purple. The pastel kicks will come with a suede and vintage-inspired mesh upper, with the Classic 574 tongue and signature leather logo, according to the release. Even though they've got the recognizable detailing of the New Balance shoe, we've got to say these are *pretty* fresh, thanks to the spring-y colorways. The colors look so good you could eat them--the only question is: which to buy? The green is minty, the pink reminds you of a certain millennial shade that's everywhere... the purple and blue are SO poppin'. I'm not even a sneakerhead, but I totally get why people drool for some pairs. The candy-colored styles will be available for purchase on www.NewBalance.com for $79.99. Mark your calendars!

How Many Times Does Gigi Hadid Have To Wear These Jeans Before You Buy Them?

Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing a pair of distressed black jeans this weekend in NYC, and if you think they look familiar--you'd be right (and you might be a Gigi stalker). The jeans are none other than the same 7 For All Mankind pair she wore last summer leaving a photoshoot, also in New York. Gigi looked as stylish as ever, pairing her jeans with a black shearling jacket, round sunglasses, a black mini-bag and black high-top sneakers. Slay! Last time she wore them, it was more of a summertime look, pairing them with Adidas shower slides and a white bomber jacket. She's so darn cute. How many times does this woman need to wear these jeans before the rest of us buy a clue and get them? Well, here's the kicker: they're also on sale right now. Yep, thank you to Mohamed Hadid and all things sacred--you can finally get your hands on a pair of Gig's go-to jeans for a song: Get 'em: 7 For All Mankind b(air) Denim Ankle Skinny with Knee Slits in Black ($149, down from $179) So--are you gonna finally go for it?

Madewell’s Spring 2018 Denim Collection Includes Expanded Sizing–They Now Offer Jeans Up To A Size 35!

Calling all denim-lovers! We have some exciting news from our friends at Madewell. They just launched their new spring 2018 denim collection and there are so many highlights. Here's what you need to know: After countless customer requests, Madewell is finally introducing denim designed to better suit girls with curves—no matter what size you are. They debut pair is the brand's bestselling high rise skinny jean which features a higher rise, a contoured the waistband so there's no gaping and a little more room in the thigh and low hip. In that same vain, Madewell is also launching expanded sizing. They'll now have denim offerings to accommodate women size 23 - 35! Just in time for spring and summer, Madewell will also be rolling out their new zero show-through white denim. It's an exciting new fabric technology that gives you the stretch you need without revealing what's underneath. Last but not least, Madewell's famed "magic pockets" will be available in more styles than ever before. This genius front pocket reinforcement smooths you out and lift you up so you look amazing and breathe easy. Excited, yet? Here are a few pics of all the new denim goodness coming to Madewell this spring! SHOP MADEWELL'S SPRING 2018 DENIM COLLECTION NOW Be sure to check out Bath & Body Works' new active skincare collection. [Photo: Madewell]

Bath & Body Works Just Launched An Active Skincare Collection So You Have No Excuse Not To Exercise Now

If you committed yourself to a more active lifestyle in 2018, here's a little motivation: Bath & Body Works just launched an active on-the-go skincare collection! That's right--skincare designed for freshening up in a hurry after a sweat sesh. So not only can you totally justify splurging on new workout clothes; you now have a valid reason to treat yourself to some new beauty goodies! Inspired by women committed to wellness and fitness, BBW's  new active line includes everything a workout-loving lady will need. Here's what you'll find in the collection: - Shower In A Bottle ($16.50) - Cool Off Gel Lotion ($13.50) - No Sweat Dry Shampoo ($16.50) - Fresh Towel Body Cleansing Towelettes ($16.50) - Finish Smooth In-Shower Body Lotion ($16.50) - Shave & Shower 2-In-1 Oil Cleanser ($13.50) - Fresh In A Flash Body Refresher + Yoga Mat Mist ($13.50) Pretty genius, right? The collection just dropped, so if you act fast you'll be among the first to get your hands on it. Don't wait! SHOP BATH & BODY WORKS' ACTIVE SKINCARE COLLECTION NOW Be sure to check out our favorite drugstore beauty products. [Photo: Bath & Body Works]

Once And For All, This Is The Most Efficient Way To Clean Your Vitamix

Whether you're a professional cook or self-proclaimed foodie, you know that a blender is one of the most important tools in the kitchen. Of course, you wouldn't leave it to the basic Black & Decker to fulfill all your pureeing needs, so you probably shelled out a few hundred dollars to own the coveted Vitamix. The amazing machine features some of the most durable blades around, able to cut through the thickest kale and full size fruits. Not only that, but it can even grind grains into flour and nuts into homemade nut butter. The only downside? There's nothing more difficult than trying to scrape out your leftovers from the bottom of the blender. To help save you a considerable amount of time and man power, we've uncovered the most efficient way to clean your Vitamix. According to the Vitamix website, follow these steps if your machine has a pre-programmed Clean setting: 1. After each use, rinse the container with warm - not hot - water. 2. Place a few drops of dish soap into the container and fill it halfway with warm water. 3. Close the lid and make sure the lid plug is on the locked position. 4. Choose the Clean setting and start the machine. Your machine will automatically turn off when the cycle is complete. 5. Pour the water out and rinse the container thoroughly. Turn it upside down on a dish rag to let it air dry. Alternatively, follow the below steps if your machine DOES NOT have a Clean setting: 1. Complete steps 1 -4 above. 2. Start the blender on Variable Speed 1, slowly increase to Variable Speed 10, and then switch to High. Run the machine on High for 30 - 60 seconds. 3. Finish off by completing step 5 above. Of course, you'll want to perform a deep clean about once every month to really get your machine sparkling clean. For a thorough wash: 1. Place 4 cups of cool water and 4 cups of white vinegar into the container and let it soak for about four hours. 2. Pour the contents out and rinse. Follow the appropriate cleaning instructions for your specific machine. Additional note: It's not recommended that you clean the container in the dishwasher as this could damage its components. Some dishwasher detergents feature chemicals that can harm the factory seal or bearings inside of the blade, as well as “etch” the plastic, leaving it looking permanently cloudy. Your machine may also start to look cloudy due to mineral buildup from the water in your faucet and from fruits and veggies. If this is the case, follow the steps below to get your machine looking brand new: 1. Make a paste of baking soda and water. 2. Dip a wet paper towel into the mixture and apply the paste to the inside of the container. Apply pressure using circular motions to rub off the mineral buildup. You'll see your paper towel turn from a darker to lighter color as the grime comes off. Complete the process until your blender looks shiny again. You may love to use the healthful ingredient tumeric, but you may not be so enthused when it turns your machine an unsightly yellow or green color. But don't worry, there's an easy fix for that: 1.  Simply place your turmeric-stained container out in sunlight. The UV rays will bleach it clean again in a matter of hours! For even more helpful cleaning tips, check out Learn How To Properly Clean Your Laptop and How To Clean A Sticky Bra.