5 Anti-Inflammatory Vitamins You Should Try This Week To Burn Fat Quicker

May 21, 2018 by Alonna Travin
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We think there are three things a person can do to stay in shape. You must have a well-balanced, anti-inflammatory diet along with consistent exercise and finally, the right vitamins. Multi-vitamins get you the minerals you need for overall health but you can also take a more targeted vitamin. If you want to rev your metabolism in order to shed fat, an anti-inflammatory vitamin each morning can help. Being anti-inflammatory is as important to vitamins as it is to foods. Your body responds to internal inflammation by packing on fat. Reverse that process now.

anti-inflammatory vitamins


Magnesium is a vital nutrient for overall health and wellness and plays a big role in weight loss according to Dr. Charles Passler, creator of the detox program Pure Change. “Magnesium improves blood sugar management, helps to regulate hormones related to excess hunger and satiety, improves quality of sleep, increases energy production, supports a healthy immune system and assists in stress management,” he says. Every single one of these things has an effect on your metabolism and whether you lose or gain weight.

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anti-inflammatory vitamins


You might think of this vitamin as something you take to ward off a cold. But there’s more. If you want your thyroid (the gland in your neck that regulates metabolism) to function properly, zinc will be your new BFF. Having a balanced level of thyroid hormone greatly affects your weight and prevents inflammation. Studies have shown that optimal levels of zinc can help prevent weight gain. And even better – some come in the form of tasty tablets that melt in your mouth.

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Vitamin D

Our favorite way to get vitamin D is from glorious sunlight! But that’s not always an ideal method. And we risk skin damage plus burns (and wrinkles!) from being exposed for too long. “Studies show that more than 70 percent of Americans are vitamin D deficient,” says Dr. Passler. A supplement might be the way to go. People with low levels of vitamin D are more likely to catch colds so they have low immunity, feel sick, skip exercise and then metabolism wans. A study from the University of Minnesota found that vitamin D was connected to weight loss while a Canadian study found that people with ideal levels of vitamin D had less belly fat than those who were lacking.

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Research suggests that people lacking in calcium tend to weight more than those with sufficient amounts. This is an easy fix. “Eating calcium-rich foods like yogurt, beans, almonds and dark leafy green vegetables or supplementing with calcium can also help with symptoms of bloat,” says Dr. Lisa Davis, chief nutritionist at Terra’s Kitchen. A study reported a decrease in abdominal bloating for women with PMS that took the supplement for 2 months. Try a daily dose of 500 mg calcium carbonate.

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Vitamin B

You’re more likely to lose weight when your metabolism is functioning at its best and vitamin B complex can help: it metabolizes carbs, fats and proteins. It’s a water-soluble vitamin so it breaks down in water. That means you don’t need to take it with food to prevent an upset stomach. There’s an important reason why certain vitamins and supplements must be taken before breakfast. “If taken on an empty stomach, your body will absorb it in greater amounts,” says Jaclyn Jacobsen, a nutritionist at The Vitamin Shoppe. We keep a bottle of B on our nightstands. When you wake up, just roll over and take the vitamin. This insures you have an empty stomach and your body can use B complex to it’s fullest potential (and for the deepest de-bloating effect).

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