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4 Granola Bars That Are Actually Good For You, According To A Nutritionist

May 19, 2018 by Emily Belfiore
shefinds | Food

Granola bars make for a delicious and convenient snack. But, most brands use a combination of healthy ingredients, additives, preservatives to make their granola bars, which means that they’re not as good for you as they may seem.

Andy Bellatti, a registered dietitian and strategic director of Dietitians for Professional Integrity, says that you need to be wary of granola bars and be very vigilant about their ingredients. “I’ve seen bars with as much as 25 grams of added sugar, which is ludicrous,” he tells TIME, who advises shoppers not to trust a granola bar just because it’s made with whole grains, nuts, or fruit.

Thankfully, brands are starting to remove these harmful and unhealthy ingredients from their products, making shopping for granola bars an easy task. “I definitely think the nutrition bar market has come a long way in the last few years,” Bellatti says. “Now there are more whole food based bars that are nutrient dense.”

Not sure which granola bars are good for you? Here are some of our favorite healthy brands:

this bar saves lives bars

This Bar Saves Lives


These bars are made up mostly of nuts and seeds and contains very little added sugar while providing a good source of fiber. These little guys also make a HUGE impact. Every bar purchased helps feed a child in need!

core foods granola bar

CORE Foods


These bars come recommended by Bellatti because they're made of whole foods and don't feature any preservatives, salt, syrup, oils, or natural flavors. They're higher in calories than most bars on the market, but they can be eaten as a meal. 

lara bar

Lärabar ($18.85)


The sugar in these bars come naturally and are made with simple, healthy ingredients. They're also high in healthy fat and fiber, which will help you feel fuller longer while also providing a sweet, delicious flavor. 

RXBAR ($24.95)


These bars weigh in at around 210-220 calories and each contains about six easily-recognizable ingredients, like nuts and dates. They offer a lot of protein, which comes from egg whites, and don't have any added sugar gluten, soy or dairy. 

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