4 Desserts You Should Never Cut From Your Diet For Weight Loss, According To Nutritionists

December 24, 2017 by Kiarra Lyles
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If you're watching your figure or following a diet for weight loss, desserts may seem like they're off limits. But not all desserts are bad for you. In fact, there are many desserts that contain ingredients that are actually good for you. Have your cake and eat it too with these healthy-ingredient desserts that nutritionists approve of.


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grilled peaches

Grilled Peaches

"In addition to its many vitamins and minerals, low calorie content and, of course, delicious flavor, the peach also comes packed with great antioxidants, including all five classifications of carotenoids," says Dr. Josh Axe, a clinical nutritionist. Grilled peaches are a healthy dessert, especially drizzed with agave or raw honey. You just can't have them a la mode!

carrot cake

Carrot Cake

"Many carrot cake recipes call for white sugar, white flour and canola oil — ingredients that I choose not to use in my desserts," says Dr. Axe. "The truth is that you can stick to healthy ingredients without forfeiting the taste." We know the carrrots are healthy, but opt for alternatives like almond flour, coconut oil and maple syrup to create a healthier carrot cake recipe.

fruit salad

Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is the perfect healthy dessert as it's low-fat and has no carbs or added sugars. "Healthy fruit salad also contains fiber that helps you feel satisfied after meals and helps move food through the system to avoid constipation," nutritionist and heatlh blogger Victoria Vito says. "Moreover, fruit salad provides beneficial potassium, which is a heart-healthy mineral, as well as orange-red pigments, known as carotenoids that our body turns into vitamin A."

frozen yogurt

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative to ice cream--just make sure it's fat-free and low-calorie. "A 1/2-cup serving of frozen yogurt made with nonfat milk and low-calorie sweetener will set you back a mere 71 calories, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Nutrient Database," Livestrong reports. "What’s more, it’s a decent source of the minerals calcium and potassium."


With these healthy desserts, you can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without any of the guilt. Just remember to have everything in moderation!


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