I Just Got A Flat Stomach After Baby Number Two—Here’s How I Did It

February 5, 2020 by Justine Schwartz
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You’ve probably heard about the buzzy new body-contouring treatment Emsculpt, right? The device promises to remove fat and tone muscle in targeted body parts in just a few sessions, and it’s non-invasive. Aka, what everyone really wants. But for those of you who are willing to shell out thousands of dollars on cosmetic treatments, the *real* question is—does it work?

I tried the treatment to get my belly back after having a baby–and it absolutely *does* work.

Actually scratch that—I didn’t get my belly back, because I never had a belly this flat before. No exaggeration, I got the flattest stomach of my LIFE with Emsculpt after four sessions. Here’s everything you need to know:

After hearing amazing things about the female-founded Ever/Body spa in Soho, New York, I booked an appointment for a consult. I was met by the spa’s medical director, Dr. Jared Jagdeo; he led to me one of their pristine, spa-like examination rooms where discussed which treatments from their carefully-curated menu would be best for me.

Ever/Body studio in Soho, New York

I would have been perfectly content doing my once yearly Botox treatment there, but after explaining to Dr Jagdeo that I had recently lost a significant amount of weight after having my second child, his face lit up. “Would you be interested in trying Emsculpt?” As he started to explain how the procedure works—by contracting muscles beyond what is possible through physical training—I knew that this was a great opportunity. I’d been working pretty hard doing SoulCycle and Pilates reformer classes three times a week, and this treatment sounded like a great way to give my fitness regime a boost. He explained that a single 30-minute session is like doing 20,000 crunches. #whoa

(Psst–Emsculpt is best-suited for people who workout.)

I changed into soft mesh shorts (since I was wearing high-waist jeans), we took “Before” pictures, and I removed any metal jewelry and put my iPhone aside. An assistant put the Emsculpt device on my abs and secured it with Velcro straps around my waist. When Dr. Jagdeo turned on the machine, I would not say that the feeling of the electro magnetic charges was *comfortable*—but I definitely wasn’t in pain either. It’s sort of an awkward feeling; my body jolted a tiny bit each time. It felt like when you get your reflexes checked–you can’t control it. But again, it was not painful at all.

Oh, and by the way–during the procedure, Ever/Body gives you a complimentary anti-aging LED treatment on your face. Amazing.

The treatments lasts for 30-minutes, which goes by especially fast if you’re chatting with medical expert whose administering it. I (greedily) used my 30-minutes time to ask Dr. Jagdeo every single cosmetic dermatology question on my mind. What did he recommend for my sun spots?  SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10. What treatment he would recommend for my acne scarring? Clear + Brilliant. I also picked his brain about how they choose the treatments offered at Ever/Body. (The answer is, they carefully select the safest, most effective treatments with the most natural-looking results on the market. Amazing.) Before I knew it, the treatment was over.

I came back three more times, about once every week and a half. In the short term, I saw immediate results of my middle feeling more tight, or “corseted.” At my last treatment, it was explained to me that the results get even better after 3 months, when the fat cells completely dissolve.

Flash forward three months—and all I can say is WOW. I started to notice that my stomach looked flatter in jeans every week, I didn’t have the lower-belly pouch that I’d had basically all my life, but especially after having two kids. I also noticed some six-pack definition that I can tell you was definitely NOT present before the treatment. It was insane! My husband kept telling me how amazing I looked, and I truly felt it, too. And mind you—this was throughout the holiday season! I have never started January without stomach bloat ever.

Moms—I won’t sit on this secret: if you can afford it, Emsculpt is the best way to get your belly in the best shape of its life.

Everyone else—if you are in the New York area and are curious about treating any number of beauty issues (dark spots, acne, hair loss, wrinkles), book a free consult at Ever/Body ASAP. They are far and beyond the office cosmetic dermatology experience I have ever tried.



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