The One Thing That Annoys Restaurant Hostesses The Most, According To A Former Hostess

March 22, 2017 by Jennifer Hussein
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Being a hostess is not as easy as people expect. It’s much more than just standing at a desk and looking pretty, especially when the restaurant is packed. How would I know about the hectic life of a hostess, you may ask? Because I was one for two years and it was miserable.


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Many hostesses love their job, but even the most dedicated hostess gets annoyed by extra picky customers. There is one thing most customers do on a daily basis that really tests a hostess’s patience…


And that is asking the dreaded question, “Can we get a booth instead?” after we have seated you. It may seem like such a miniscule question to get angered by, but this question can make our job so much harder than it has to be.


Not only does it make customers angrier when we tell them they have to wait even longer for their beloved booth, but it messes up the order and organization of our computer system for table seating. When a request for a booth isn’t put in the system, the computer will seat you anywhere that is available. If you see an open booth when you ask, chances are that booth is already assigned to other customers.


So, if you want a booth so badly, I cannot express how much easier it will be on you and your hostess if you ask first thing once you get to the restaurant. Also, if booths are unavailable then don’t get angry, just sit at a table. I promise you the food will taste exactly the same regardless of where you’re seated. Sitting at a table is also just as private as sitting in a booth, because no one cares to watch you eat. Other customers are too busy eating their own food and enjoying the company of their friends and family.

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