The Worst Things To Wear On A Really, Really Hot Day

August 2, 2016 by Caroline Pirozzolo
shefinds | Style

The god-awful summer heat wave is in full force in most places and ideally, we'd be spending the day curled up next to the AC with a cup of iced coffee trying to beat the heat - but unfortunately, we're going to have to step out into the sticky weather at some point. So what exactly are you supposed to wear when it's unbearably hot? For starters, these are the pieces in your closet that you should definitely be avoiding until September. (And a few of them may surprise you!)

Skinny Jeans

Do we even need to explain? They're super tight and don't allow for any airflow on your legs on a boiling day.

[Photo: Damsel in Dior]

Leather or Faux Leather

While you'll basically never find me without my beloved leather jacket during the fall and winter, I've attempted to wear it enough during the summer to know that it will never work. (Hello, back sweat!)

[Photo: The Chronicles of Her]

Costume Jewelry

Any girl who's purchased her jewelry on the cheap at a place like Forever 21 or H&M has probably noticed the weird way faux gold and silver seems to rust and tarnish over time. When you're sweating a lot, the moisture mixes with the metal and will only speed this process up. Lesson learned: if you want to keep your costume jewelry nicer for longer, avoid wearing it on super sweaty days.

[Photo: Suburban Faux Pas]

Dark Colors

This is one you've probably heard again and again: dark colors like black, navy or burgundy aren't really a good idea if the temperatures are going to be in the 90s or above. Because even the sheerest black blouse still attracts sunlight, you're better off staying away.

[Photo: The Skinny Confidential]


Because nylon is made completely of synthetic materials, it can make sweaty skin chaffing-prone on hot days - ouch!

[Photo: Bows and Sequins]


Because plastics and "jelly" materials aren't exactly the most breathable option in hot temperatures, they definitely won't keep you cool - and plastic shoes that trap sweat are basically a breeding ground for blisters by the end of the day.

[Photo: ASOS]

Silk or Satin

Silk or satin seems like a light and breezy option for a hot day, right? Wrong. Because these materials tend to repel water, it'll cause your sweat to sit on your skin, which will ultimately feel really gross. Not to mention that these materials are usually difficult to get sweat stains out of!

[Photo: The Fashion Guitar]

Tight Clothes

Much like with skinny jeans, tight clothes + sweaty body is just a miserable day waiting to happen - and getting them off at the end of the day will be a total pain.

[Photo: Viva Luxury]


While many light, airy tops are made of polyester or polyester blend, because polyester is synthetic and water-repellant, it'll cause your sweat to build up on the garnment, instead of absorbing it like cotton would. Basically, wearing polyester on a hot day isn't great news for you or your clothes.

[Photo: Poor Little It Girl]


Super hot weather causes swelling, and while that super cute handful of stacked rings may feel fine now, it probably won't feel so great once your fingers are swollen at the end of the day.

[Photo: Peace Love Shea]

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