Exclusive! Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Talks Regrets After Blowing Up at Her Parents

August 31, 2011 by Mom Jeanine
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On last night’s episode of Teen Mom, tensions finally came to a head between Farrah and her parents during their trip to Arizona. Some not-so-nice things were said, so we chatted with Farrah to find out how she was feeling after seeing the episode:

Why did you decide to invite your parents to visit Arizona with you?

I wanted to invite my parents because they met in Arizona and my dad lived there with my grandparents for years. I thought they would help me find a great place for Sophia and me.

Why did you get so frustrated with your parents while in Arizona?

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but my parents were taking me places that were not fit for me to live. Their comments were negative during the whole trip and it was very frustrating. I wanted this to be a  positive trip, but instead I felt like my parents wanted to make it more about them.

What were they doing that bothered you most?

The most aggravating time in the trip was when we were having dinner. Instead of admitting that they could have helped me plan a more successful trip ahead of time, they insisted on telling me that “they could of shown me this and that.” The reality is that they never bothered to really offer that beforehand. To me, hearing them say they helped me the best they could was really disappointing because when I asked to go other places they never listened. At the end of the day, I’m sure they knew what they did was not okay because they knew the reason we were going to Arizona was to look at a good, affordable area for Sophia and I to live. They probably reacted the way they did because they didn’t want us to move.

Do you think your parents really understand why you want to move?

My parents are not supportive of me moving, so asking for them to be understanding is completely unrealistic at this point. They still need time to take it in.

Do you feel like they are trying to holding you back or keep you under their control?

Yes, very much so. I think it was very noticable from last night’s episode.

Ultimately, are you glad that your parents went to Arizona with you?

In the end, I was not happy that my parents came to Arizona. It was not a good idea, even though I thought it would have had the best outcome.

Having seen the episode, do you have any regrets?

The only thing that would have made a difference is if I went to Arizona on my own. Other than that, I have no regrets. The fight with my parents in Arizona just confirmed to me that I can’t rely on them for helping me make choices for moving.

Do you wish you could take anything back?

I don’t take anything back. I’m open and real and true to my feelings. I have nothing to hide and my parents love me for that.

Also–random question–have you always called your dad Michael?

Everyone asks this. I have a sister and we have different dads, so in all fairness to my sister I call my dad Michael just like she does and everyone else in my family. It works out fairly this way in my family. I do call my dad “Dad” sometimes. If others look at this as a disrespectful thing then you can talk to my mom about it. I never started it, I was taught to do it this way.

Watch Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV. Follow her on Twitter @F1abraham.

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