3 Easy Tricks For Breaking In A New Leather Jacket

September 21, 2017 by Leah Carton
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Think about the one edgy clothing item in your closet that’s always your go-to piece for chilly weather. We’re going to guess that you’re thinking of your favorite leather jacket, right? We totally agree with your style choices. A structured black leather jacket is the perfect fashion staple that can add so much style to any outfit, and in such a simple way too. It’s also the perfect jacket to throw on for when you want to make a feminine outfit more edgy. Cool fall weather also often calls for a light jacket, and you already know that you can depend on your leather jacket without sacrificing style for comfort. With all of that wear and tear however, your extra comfy go-to leather jacket becomes worn out– which means you’ll need to eventually buy a new one. However, even though you will eventually need to buy a new jacket, there are simple tips and tricks for how to break in a leather jacket— so luckily, you don’t have to worry!

Here are three easy steps that you should follow for breaking in a leather jacket:

1. Purchase a leather conditioner to soften your jacket 

Jeff Johnson, co-founder and creative director of The Arrivals, tells Bustle that you can use an affordable leather conditioner on the toughest parts of your new jacket. The toughest parts of your leather jacket can be found on the neck piece, by your elbows, and by your shoulders. Jeff recommends using a product called Chamberlains Leather Milk, which you can order on Amazon for less than $17– which is definitely a price we’d pay to get an instant worn-in feel to a new leather jacket.

2. Wear your leather jacket all day long, even when you’re indoors 

The most effective way to break in a leather jacket is simply by wearing it. And you don’t necessarily have to be going anywhere to put one on! Doing laundry at home? Wear your new leather jacket. Catching up on your favorite television show? Wear your jacket. The more you wear your jacket, the more it will crease, fold, and become more comfortable.

3. Lightly wet the surface of your new leather jacket 

There are two ways you can get your new jacket wet so that it can become more comfortable to wear. For one, you can take advantage of rainy fall weather to help make your leather coat wearable. So, look out for the next rainy day that’s expected to happen. According to Who What Wear, water from a light rain can help to soften leather, which makes it stretch and crease. Obviously, you don’t want to go outside in your new jacket when there’s torrential rain, but a light drizzle can do your new leather jacket some good! Plus, you’ll be nice and warm in it while you’re outside too! You can also use a mist bottle to lightly spray water all over your jacket, and then bunch it up to make it worn-in.

With these steps, you’ll have a brand new worn-in leather jacket in little to no time!



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