I Wore $24.99 'Firkenstocks' In A Rain Storm And They Held Up

July 20, 2016 by Sara Alderman
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“Are those Birkenstocks?” my mom asked about my new shoes. “They’re Firkenstocks!” I replied. Fake Birkenstocks. I know, I’m so clever. No one else ever thought of putting an “F” in front of another word to indicate that it’s a fake. Whatever, I’m kind of obsessed with the name.

Anyway, let me tell you about my Firkenstocks because they are legit the best purchase I’ve made all summer. I’d been contemplating splurging for a pair of  real Birkenstocks since April but never did the damn thing. Fast-forward two months later, I’m in a bathroom at a bar (where the best discoveries happen) and notice this girl wearing all black Birkenstock lookalikes. Before I even had to ask, her friends were on it–it’s like they were reading my mind! She revealed that the sandals were, in fact, from H&M. I went to buy them the next day.

To my surprise, there were still a ton of sizes left in both black and silver. The shoes were on my feet for a week straight–no joke. I even wore them during my 4th of July weekend travel, and that’s where the rain storm comes in.

If you were in the New York area for July 4th, then you know the weather on Friday was pretty shitty. I was heading out to Fire Island, which requires a train ride that’s just over an hour, a 10-minute transfer and a five-minute van ride to a 30-minute ferry. Lots of movement, to say the least. I knew I wanted to wear comfy shoes and I already had my Firks (oh ya) practically glued to my feet so, why not? I did not know showers were in the forecast.

By the time our train reached the van part of the trip, it was pouring. Next up was waiting 45 minutes for the ferry (it was covered, but still got pretty wet), sitting on a ferry (again, covered, TG) that smelled like wet dog and then the part when I trekked through the storm. It wasn’t even a long walk from the ferry to the house I was staying in, but Fire Island does not have cars–the streets are pathways. Hence, puddles formed. My feet fully submerged in multiple puddles (more like mini lakes, IMO!) during my walk. But, you know what? The shoes survived with nary a scratch. The footbed is fake suede, so the moisture didn’t take well to that, but nothing a few sprays of perfume couldn’t fix!

Basically, these shoes are the bomb. There aren’t too many sizes left so if you want to snag a pair I highly suggest doing that ASAP. Also, check out H&M stores too, you might be surprised to see them in-stock (like I was!) or maybe a salesperson can tell you when they’ll be back.

Sandals ($24.99)

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