Should You Shave In The Morning Or Night?

September 26, 2016 by Justine Schwartz
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We’re a bit obsessed with finding out what aspects of our daily routine–showering, working out, etc.–are best done in the morning versus at night. It seems like most of you are really opinionated on the matter, too. There are definitely two camps out there: the Morning People, who think you should get things over and done with early, and the Night Owls, who think nighttime is the best time to tend to such stuff (so you’re not rushed).

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To help us get to the bottom of whether it’s best to shave in the morning or at night, we asked shaving expert Anthony Sosnick, the founder and CEO of Anthony Brands. While Anthony wouldn’t pick a side on the debate (“It’s not as important when you shave, but where and how,”), he would cue us in to what *conditions* make for a better shave.

“It’s always best to shave either in or just after a warm shower,” Anthony told us. “The heat from the steam helps lift the hair follicles as much as 30%, allowing the blade to shave them more easily.”

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Okay, so that inches us a little closer to the answer. You should definitely shave at the same time that you shower. But how do you decide when *that* should be?

Well, it turns out the length of the shower matters, too–Cindy Barshop of Completely Bare told us that you should always shave at least 5 minutes in to a warm shower. So, by that math–the answer to the question of “When’s the best time to shave?” is really “Whenever you have time to take the longest shower.”

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If you’re often in a rush in the morning, and can only take a really quick shower–that might not actually be the best time for you to shave because you’re not letting the hair follicles rise enough, aka are not getting as close a shave as you could otherwise.

To argue the other side, though, if you work in the daytime and want the freshest shave possible, wouldn’t the morning make the most sense?

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Ah! Now I see why this is such a hotly debated topic. It seems so logical that all your major beauty routines–washing your hair, washing your face, shaving–would take place at the beginning of the day so you’re fresh as a daisy for work. But each activity takes time to be done correctly–so the unfortunate answer might be to set that alarm just a little bit earlier in the morning so you can tack the time on your shower to do them right.

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So–what do you think? Does that answer the question of when it’s best to shave–or does it bring up more question than answers? When do YOU shave, and would you ever change your routine? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page to let us know!

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