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How To Kill It On Cinco De Mayo

Thursday is Cinco de Mayo, which means if you're celebrating on Thursday, you've got to be able to juggle a full day's work and drinking a lot of margaritas (hopefully not at work). Or, even if you decide to call in sick, you've got a big day ahead and you need to be properly prepared. If you want any hope of making it past 7PM on Thursday, these 8 simple tips will definitely do the trick. Pace yourself, and remember: if you want to party like a kid, you have to prep like an adult. Don't forget to check out: Gwyneth Paltrow's celebrity closet goop sale, gladiator sandals you're gonna want this season, and printed bathing suits to get you psyched for beach season [Photo Credit: Shutterstock]

Leave The Sombrero At Home–Here’s The Grown-Up Girl’s Guide To Cince De Mayo

No matter how you spend you Cinco De Mayo, you will, without a doubt, be surrounded by people in ponchos and sombreros. But please, we're begging you--don't be one of those people. We're not saying you can't be festive; you can and totally should. But this season is filled with so much cute Mexican-inspired clothing, you should embrace the culture and actually invest in Cinco de Mayo attire you'll be able to wear again. Think a gorgeous Aztec print dress or a straw handbag complete with bright tassels. Ready to trade in your sombrero for something a little chicer? Click through the slideshow to shop our Cinco de Mayo faves. For more inspiration, check out this guide to Mexican rave, plus more aztec prints. [Photo: Lee Oliveira]

Cinco De Mayo Essentials–Provided You’ve Already Got The Tequila

Picked up your handle of Cuervo and Margarita Mix for this weekend? You're almost set to celebrate our favorite Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo, but, as we like to think, what's a party without an outfit to match? If you've got your chips, salsa, and Margs covered, time to plan the dress, shoes, and accessories to go with them. May we recommend something forgiving for the double orders of guacamole you'll be sure to help yourself to? HERE'S WHAT TO WEAR ON CINCO DE MAYO We've got your Cinco De Mayo ensemble right here, and we're thinking bright colors, bold patterns, and of course, some appropriately-themed accessories. Check out our slideshow for some fun Mexican-themed apparel. Ole! We've got you covered for every holiday--check out our guides to dressing for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Valentine's Day, and remember--no tequila shots before 2PM.  

What To Wear For Cinco De Mayo—And Beyond: It’s All About Mexican Floral Embroidery

All Katy Perry is missing is an embroidered dress and a margarita. It's a no brainer that beer is to St. Patrick's Day as margaritas are to Cinco de Mayo. But choosing what to wear for each respective holiday is always a little trickier than choosing what to drink. Luckily, we've got you covered for your Cinco de Mayo ensemble---and the forecast? Floral embroidery galore. Check out our favorite picks below: (more…)