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They Are Now Making Diamonds In Labs, Which Cost 30% Less Than Natural Ones

According to a study, 26% off all American engagements this year will happen between Christmas Eve and New Years. So it's pretty convenient that a major breakthrough in lab-grown diamonds was just announced. Pure Grown Diamonds recently unveiled the largest white diamond created in a lab. It took just weeks to form in a pressurized container, as opposed to growing in the Earth for millions and millions of years. The lab-grown diamond is not just identical looks wise to an earth-mined diamond (even under a microscope!), it also has the same chemical and physical properties. These are not just replicas of diamonds, these are diamonds. The only difference? Pure Grown Diamonds cost 30-40% less than earth grown ones. So yeah, these are pretty much a game changer. Your (or your soon-to-be fiancee hint hint) can buy these lab-grown diamonds now on the new Pure Grown Diamonds e-commerce site. And don't forget to check out: last minute Christmas sales, bright coats and SJP's accessories [Photo: Shutterstock]

Can You Tell Which Diamond Hoop Earrings Cost $1,042 More Than The Others?

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The Perfect Faux Diamond Stud Earrings From Nordstrom

Faux diamond studs - ones that don't look fake - are amazingly hard to find. We want sparkly but not irridescent, substantial, but not costumey. Well, look no further than Nordstrom's  "look of real" jewelry section. These Round Cubic Zirconia earrings are perfect. At $34-$46, they available in several sizes, ranging from 1 carat total weight to 8 carats total weight. They are dazzling looking, simply put, and are entirely believable in the classiest of ways. For more, check out our guides to cheap jewelry, and for more classic style, check out Jackie O's favorite Delman flats, and Grace Kelly's Hermes scarves.

Fashion Math: Are Diamond Studs Really Worth Rent Money?

As they say, diamonds are a girl's best friend, and a sparkling pair of diamond stud earrings are no exception. Who wouldn't be completely elated to pop open a little velvet jewelry box and find two dazzling studs? Diamonds don't come cheap, though, and the bigger and better quality they are, the more cash you can expect to shell out for them. The 1.00 ct. t.w. studs shown here are set in white gold and retail for $1,695. Not many earrings are worth more than one month's rent, but these are. Let us break it down: Diamond studs are the original statement earrings-people always notice them and they instantly up the glam factor. So, all you have to do is wear these studs every day for the next 5 years (that's 365 times 5 which equals 1,825) and you'll have paid less than $1 per day for them. Continue wearing them after the five year mark and you'll knock that price down even further. We guarantee you won't have a problem keeping these studs in for that long: they will never go out of style and they'll look great no matter what outfit you have on. Bonus: These earrings are currently 30% off, which reduces the price to $1,186.50. That means just $0.65 per wear! Shop more great earrings, plus cheap jewelry if the real thing just isn't in your budget right now.