The Biggest Ripoffs At Target, According To Bargain Shopping Experts

October 26, 2016 by SheFinds
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You know how they say Disneyland is “The Happiest Place On Earth?” That’s what Target is like for grown-ups. You can pick up groceries and drugstore items while also shopping for furniture and clothing. It doesn’t get much better than crossing off everything on your shopping list in one trip!

But don’t be fooled by all the low prices–Target actually isn’t the best place to buy certain items, according to Internet shopping site Ben’s Bargains. “For the most part it’s not like you’re going to get completely ripped off at Target on anything but there are categories where you can definitely find a better deal elsewhere,” Kristin Cook, managing editor of Ben’s Bargains told CBS MoneyWatch.

Below are the 5 worst things to buy at Target:

1) TVs and Electronics

Ben’s Bargains found that Target sells off-brand TVs and has higher prices than places like Best Buy or eBay. “For the most part, year-round they don’t have that great of deals on electronics,” Cook said. “You can always get that stuff cheaper online.” If you’re going to shop electronics at Target, you really should only do it on Black Friday or during November sales.

2) Shoes

I’ve definitely bought shoes from Target before. They have really cute styles, that sometimes even look designer, for, like, $30. While that sounds cheap, it’s actually a lot to pay for the quality you’re getting. Cook said, “You can go to Macy’s to get something that looks the same but that’s a quality brand for the same price.”

3) Phone Accessories

The one category that is rarely on sale at Target is phone accessories. Ben’s Bargains recommends buying chargers or cases at Amazon or eBay for better prices.

4) Gift cards

Who hasn’t been mesmerized by racks and racks of gift cards at Target? Also so convenient to pick a bunch up from different stores all in one place! However, you can get a better deal at eBay or a gift card reseller where you can pay 5 to 20 percent less than the cost of the gift card. “You aren’t getting ripped off, but if you want a deal, you can get them elsewhere,” Cook said.

5) Craft Supplies

Ben’s Bargains found that you can find better prices for crafts at stores like Michael’s, which specialize in this category. Target’s craft line is “expensive for what it is,” Cook said. “Jo-Ann Fabric and Michaels always have 40 to 50 percent off coupons, which you can Google for while you’re in line.”

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