Zoe Glassner

 Hi, I’m Zoe!

I’m here to show you how to wear trends for your specific shape. As a petite who loves fashion, I had to learn quickly to dress in tailored pieces, or run the risk of swimming in my clothes. During my 8-year stint at Marie Claire as senior shopping editor, I found the perfect oufits for thousands of women.  As a result, I am truly an expert at dressing women of all body types. Got a big bust? I know which dress for your shape you should pick up. Want to conceal some flab?  I have the tops and dresses to hide it your tummy. I live and breathe shopping–for real women, not models, and one several legendary ocassions, I found the right look for 100 women of all ages and sizes for their body types–in just one day before a large photo shoot on a time crunch. Phew.

Do I look familiar? You may have seen me on Project Runway as a guest judge, with the incomparable Tim Gunn, or you might have spotted me styling premiere celeb stylist Rachel Zoe on an episode of in season two of Bravo’s “The Rachel Zoe Project.” As a primary cast member of the Style Network’s docu-drama TV show, “Running In Heels,” I let the cameras into my life as an NYC fashion editor. For six weeks, viewers followed me and other Marie Claire staff and interns thorugh our everyday toils.

I moved to L.A. earlier this year, where I’m currently freelancing and scouring even more new shops (!) and hanging out with my four year old Chihuahua, Noemie.

Not sure what to wear to an upcoming wedding, baby shower, or bachelorette party? Send me an email with your questions!