6 Questions With The Genius Founder Of The Game-Changing NIGHT Beauty Pillow

September 15, 2016 by Jeanine Edwards
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Chances are you’ve probably read or been told about the importance of good sleep habits when it comes to the look of your skin and hair. Heck, we’ve definitely covered our fair share of sleep mistakes. But what if, instead of just spending a few bucks on a softer pillowcase, you actually really committed to investing in bedding that is better for you?

Allow us to introduce you to the NIGHT Pillow. Yes, we know it’s $150. But don’t get hung up on that because this isn’t just any ordinary pillow. To prove it to you, we chatted with the founder so she could tell you all about this amazing new beauty invention in her own words.

SHEfinds: Tell us why you decided to create the NIGHT Pillow?

Bottom line: after a decade in the bedding industry, I was sick of waking up looking like a hot mess. Sleep is supposed to be a time of rejuvenation! I questioned my seemingly innocent bed pillow. What was it doing for me? Answer: nothing. In fact, resting my face and hair on such absorbent material was killing my beauty game. If you know me, you know I love efficiency, so I thought by adding benefits to a pillow, we could maximize our hours of shut eye and wake up feeling and looking like our best self. And there you have it–the NIGHT pillow promotes deeper, better sleep while also introducing hair and skin benefits!

On a personal level, my time in the bedding industry left me with the feeling that it was a “good old boys club.” I had so few women role models to look up to. This is extremely ironic when research points to women being the decision makers on all home goods purchases. No wonder the industry hadn’t thought about maximizing beauty benefits while sleeping!

SF: What were you doing before you invented the pillow?

I started in the bedding industry shortly after college graduation and worked in a variety of roles including product development, sales and merchandising. My work brought me from North Carolina up to NYC where Discover NIGHT is headquartered.

SF: Why is the pillow black?

First and foremost, the NIGHT Pillow is black for functionality. Black negates light, promoting a more restful sleep. We can finally say adios to sleep masks! Also, I think we can all agree that black matches everything. Whether the NIGHT Pillow is out on display as part of your décor, or tucked away under the covers as your secret sleep enhancing tool, it always looks good. Lastly, for anyone who has ever woken up to makeup stains on their pillow case (no judgment), the black hue allows you to do you, sans morning shame. Did I mention we like to stand out? ; )

SF: Is the pillow beneficial to both women and men?

Absolutely! Sleep with benefits for all! Some of the most common feedback we get from our early female adopters is that their boyfriend or husband stole their NIGHT Pillow and they are ordering another to minimizing the fight over it!

In fact, the NIGHT Pillow is one size fits all making it the perfect gift item for an individual or a couple. We allow for customization around the border of the pillow (alligator, woodgrain or stripe), so you can rest easy knowing that you won’t confuse your pillow with your sleeping mate’s.

SF: Can you explain a little about why the pillow is priced at $150?

Sure! The price of the pillow relates directly to the high quality of materials it is made of. Our TriSilk™ pillowcase is 95% mulberry silk sourced from couture wedding gowns suppliers and has never been used in bedding. We made a proprietary blend, adding 5% spandex to increase the durability and maintain a smooth sleep surface. The memory foam is made right here in the US and is lighter, airier and fluffier than anything else on the market. To keep this unique foam feel, we keep the production runs small. Quality is at the heart of everything we do and we won’t settle for anything but the best.

Considering you spend a third of your life in intimate contact with this product, spending 13 or 14 cents per night to sleep on the highest quality pillow seems quite reasonable (assumes changing pillow every 3 years). Just google stats on how much the average American spends on coffee or beauty products every year…it’s time to treat youself to the sleep you deserve!

SF: Any plans to add more products beyond the pillow?

Of course! In founding Discover NIGHT, our mission is to create luxury products that work harder for the consumer. People who want to crush life know that surrounding themselves with ordinary products will not take them to the next level. The NIGHT Pillow is only the beginning. There’s more to come so stay tuned by subscribing to our email list!


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