7 Passive Aggressive Gifts For All Of Your Best Frenemies

December 10, 2010 by jillweiskopf
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Don’t know what to get that special person in your life– you know, the one who you love to (not-so) secretly hate? Maybe she undermines you, she’s always the Debbie Downer who rains on your parade, or she is just the most annoying person in your life. If you still have to give her a gift, fear not. Here are some passive-aggressive finds to say how you really feel–without really saying it:

For the spotlight-loving frenemy who’s always shoving you out of photos, send over these Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects($29.99), which will give her a whiter smile in seven days. Say cheese!

Let your braless co-worker frenemy know those A cups are not helping her A-game with this Calvin Klein Level 3 Seductive Bra ($29.99 – $44). She’ll thank you later.

The frenemy who always laments she’s too skinny to fit into adult sizes needs a little meat on her bones. Gift her with a pack of Omaha Steaks ($64.00, from $99.99).

For the frenemy who’s always whining about not having time to go to the gym, try these Reebok EasyTone Get Outside II Sneakers ($81.27, down from $109.99) to help tone up those legs of hers. The hint is all in the name.

For the man-stealing frenemy, who’s been single for, hmm, a while now, give her a little boost with this 3-month membership ($59.95) so she’ll stop making passes at your boyfriend.

For the frenemy who’s always droning on about how she can’t lose weight, give a Weight Watchers Monthly Pass ($39.95), which includes free registration, unlimited monthly meetings, and e-tools to help keep her on track so you don’t have to hear about it anymore. After all, if Jennifer Hudson can do it, anyone can. Isn’t that what the commercials say?

For the frenemy who brags about getting carded at the bars, get this Bliss At-Home Anti-Aging Facial Set ($94, $159 value), which include Bliss’s Youth As We Know It moisturizer, eye cream, and cleanser. Hey, at least you’re helping her fight those lines effectively.

Get more ideas for gifts for everyone from your eco-loving pals to your reality TV show obsessed friends to your Martha Stewart-loving mom.


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