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Sports Bra Find: Right-Size Support

 What: Moving Comfort's Fiona Bra. Why: You’re a 34A, a 38C, a 32D -- not a small, medium or large. So why are sports bras -- which are supposed to to provide more support than the average undergarment -- such a one-size-fits-most affair? Unlike many of the contenders, Moving Comfort’s Melbourne bra is made to specifically fit C and D cups. Thanks to the DryLayer lining, your properly-supported ta-tas will stay sweat free, too. Sorry, but now you have to think of another reason to avoid the gym… Price: $30-$44 Get Yours: REI.com There's more of where this came from. Check out SheFinds guide to the Best Sports Bras for the full lineup of editor and reader favorites.

Fashion Week Diary: Temperley London – Rocker Girl Rad

Dear Diary,The gleaming white tents at Bryant Park have been mocking me all Fashion Week as I exit the subway and head across the street to work. (So cruel!) But last night I got to enter the hallowed (if not shallow) walls of this Taj Mahal of style for the Temperley London show. Ushered (okay, corralled) into the Temperley tent about 40 minutes after the show was supposed to start, I stepped inside to find...more waiting. The army of photographers at the end of the runway got intensely restless, booing and chanting "Go! Go! Go!" before being shushed and waiting some more. In the meantime, though, photographers swarmed on famous fashionistas like runway legend Christy Turlington as well as Joy Bryant, Perrey Reeves, and Julia Stiles. All four were sporting lovely short ladylike frocks in a palette of neutrals.Once the show finally started, I was intrigued by the rocking turn Temperley had taken -- the military-style jackets, uber thigh-high boots, and hardware-tinged belts with flowy dresses were certainly a departure from the sweet, ladylike clothes she designed for her Target line in the fall. The neutral-heavy palette had lively punches of chartreuse and shimmering jewel-tone green in the form of flowing gowns and tunics punked up with the omnipresent shiny leggings. As hot as Temperley's thigh-high shimmery boots and tough girl police-style hats were, I can see myself more in a look like Ms. Stiles sophisticated black cocktail dress. Here are some ideas for Julia's Temperley style with non-celeb prices:  BCBG Silk Scoop-Neck Dress, $148 Forever 21 Chiffon Cocktail Dress, $37.80 And check out our coverage of the Miss Sixty and Ports 1961 Shows.Love,SheFinds Want some Temperley to take home? Browse through these adorable off-season frocks from Net-A-Porter (40% off!):

Celebrity Style: Jennifer Garner Rocks The Elmer Fudd

What: Plaid Trapper Hat, $90 Why: It's winter. It's cold. Still, many a style conscious celeb would rather risk frostbite and nerve damage than -- gasp -- covering up. That's why I love that Jennifer Garner has been spotted rocking the old-school hunting style plaid trapper hat. While the hat seems decidedly unsexy, J.Gar somehow makes it incredibly adorable. How does she pull it off? Maybe it's her confidence. Maybe it's because she's a mom now and needs to dress sensibly. Or maybe it's because after all of those years on Alias she knows that if anyone makes fun of her, she could kick their ass.Special for SheFinds Readers: Take 10% off with coupon code "shefinds" at checkout. Find it: lisakline.com

Blue Nail Polish Returns – Will You Wear It?

What: Chanel's Blue Satin Nail Polish, $19Why: Back in the mid-'90s when Christy and Naomi ruled the runways, Chanel introduced its other darling -- the breakout success Vamp nailpolish, the luxury brand's high fashion nod to goth and grunge. What was once a sought after, innovative color has now, in one form or another, graced the hands of everyone from L.A. It girls to Midwestern teenagers. Now Chanel has created new buzz with its Blue Satin nail polish, which its models rocked on the spring 2008 runways. The bold metallic shade is actually reminiscent of a nailpolish I owned in high school, and I'm not sure my adult self wants to revisit teen angst in the form of Nirvana-era beauty sensibilities. What do you think, SheFinds readers? Is Blue Satin hot, or just a lot of hype? Let us know by voting below.Price: $19Find it: neimanmarcus.com

Are We Seeing Double? Avon’s Amazing Eye Cream Works Twice As Hard

What: Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift, $28 Why: Avon must have had your precious bathroom real estate in mind when it designed its Anew Clinical Eye Lift, which combines an upper eye/brow bone gel and an under eye cream in one container. The upper eye gel helps tighten the lid and the under eye cream reduces puffiness and diminishes dark circles, all of which helps make a smooth foundation for eye makeup. This product is seriusly potent, and Avon knows it. Since its introduction a few years ago, they've updated it and continued promoting it on television, in high-profile magazine ads, and throwing it into the swag bags at major Hollywood events. Now all they need to do is add a third cream that insures a full night of beauty sleep (that would really help our undereye bags). Get Yours: Avon.com

Protect Your Skin With a Hint of Tinted Moisturizer

What: The Balm "Balm Shelter" Tinted MoisturizerWhy: I don't like foundation. I don't like the way it feels like I'm wearing a makeup-y mask, and I don't like the unnatural tint that it gives my skin. I've found that most tinted moisturizers fall under this foundation category, too, giving my skin an organge-y pallor without much softness. So I was skeptical about The Balm's Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer until I found that this SPF 18 version gives a subtle dose of color to even out the skin while providing oh-so-light moisture. Now can relax knowing my skin looks better without worrying that my cheeks are a different color than my neck. Thank goodness -- I don't even like wearing a mask on Halloween, much less to work.  Price: $24Find it: Beauty.com  

A Multitasker’s Dream: Soften Your Skin While You Sleep

What: Annemarie Borlind ZZ Sensitive Night Cream, $25.99 Why: Fruity fragrances and eye-catching colors might make face products more appealing at the makeup counter, but when it comes to actually using them, fair, sensitive skinned gals like myself end up wishing we would have opted for a more vanilla version. Annemarie Borlind ZZ Sensitive Night Cream is bereft of perfumes, dyes and preservatives that, well, your skin really doesn't need anyway. Instead, the soothing lotion just softens and smoothes the skin without irritation. So leave the dyes and fragrances to your makeup case and perfume collection--your skin will thank you for the much-needed break.  Get Yours: drugstore.com  

Excuse Me, Is That Pumpkin On Your Face?

What: MyChelle Incredible Pumpkin Peel, $18.50  Why: Growing up, my mom and I were both into pumpkins, although she favored the baked pie version while I was all about the indie rock “Smashing” variety. Now we can bond over a common pumpkin interest: a face mask. MyChelle’s Incredible Pumpkin Peel might look, feel, and smell like pureed baby food (which might explain my niece's flawless complexion), but the pumpkin and pineapple extracts, honey enzymes and honey wine do the decidedly grown-up job of exfoliating sun-damaged and acne-prone skin. Plus this mask, unlike some of the others with mysterious chemical ingredients, is totally toxin-free and never tested on animals. But the best part of this pumpkin party? No dirty dishes. Find it: Amazon

Moisurize The Right Way! Soft, Not Slippery

What: The Thymes Filigree Hand Cream Why: There's no shortage of hand creams on the market, but there is a dearth of moisturizers that soothe and soften the skin without making it too greasy and slippery. And while I hate having cracked, dry hands (a real risk once the weather changes), I also can't stand the feeling that I just dipped my paws in a vat of butter. So when my hands need an extra moisture boost at work, I turn to The Thymes' Filligree Hand Cream. This deliciously scented, botanically formulated cream smoothes my skin without making me incapable of, oh, typing, writing, or holding a mug. Plus the pretty package is a lovely addition to my desk and provides easy access when I need a moisture fix. Price: $14Find it: Amazon

Beauty Find: Nourish Your Nails for Under $5

What: Creative Nail Design Solar Oil Conditioner Why: I just saw the doctor, and I've been diagnosed with PMD. Sounds serious, right? Well, it is. Post manicure depression sets in a few days after nail beautification, precisely when polish starts wearing away at the edges and cuticles start returning to their previous ratty shape. To combat this condition, I started rubbing almond-scented Solar Oil cuticle treatment around my nails after my latest mani. Not only did my hands smell sweet (what girl doesn't want that?), but it also kept my fingers looking freshly moisturized days longer. There's still no cure for PMD, but at least now there's a treatment. Price: $4.99Find it: drugstore.com     

Beauty Find: Who Says No One is Perfect?

What: Perfekt Skin Perfection GelWhy: Moisturizer? Foundation? Tinted lotion? Sometimes the standard go-to's aren't enough to perk up your complexion. I tried Perfekt's Skin Perfection Gel, a light antioxidant-packed formula that plumps up the face and corrects imperfections while protecting against environmental hazards. Available in four shades (plus translucent for those that would prefer no color), the vitamin-rich gel works well over smoothed over moisturizer or as a base layer for foundation. After my experience, I'd call this a must-have on every girl's vanity.  After all, who couldn't use a little more perfection? Price: $57.50Find it: sephora.com

Eye Cream Alert: Aging Angelina Video Makes Us Want to Moisturize

Angelina Jolie's future is so bright that she's gotta wear shades...or is it? Have you checked out the nasty crow's feet that a time lapse YouTube video predicted? The video starts with Angelina at her beautiful bee-stung lips and taut, youthful and ends with the Oscar-winning beauty a wrinkled, nearly unrecognizable version of her former self. Check it out: Somehow, seeing a gorgeous movie star turn into a shrivelled old woman was not reassuring. In fact, it made me want to break out the wrinkle cream. After all, if Angelina is no match for the ravages of time, what hope do the rest of us have? Buy some time asap and try these aging antidotes:What: Pond's Age DefEYE Anti-Circle, Anti-Puff Eye TherapyPrice: $12.99Find it: Drugstore.com What: Philosophy Hope In A Tube Eye & Lip Cream 0.5 ozPrice: $33Find it: Sephora.com

Trend Alert: The Bluest Eye(shadow)

Blue eye shadow: '70s flashback turned beauty faux pas? Or groovy glam with a modern edge? Argue with me if you want, but I firmly believe that the blue hue can be a do. And lucky for me, the beauty industry agrees. I'm a blue-eyed girl, so I like how matching my shadow to my eyes enhances the color. And don't fret, brown-eyed ladies. Blue really pops on you, too. To keep from looking like a drag queen, though, the key is in the shade, the application and, of course, the occasion. I like to go with a subtle, baby blue shade on the lashline for day, and a deep, bold color on my lids and lower lashes for night. Try these versions from Sephora, Clinique and NARS:  

A Find: Surftastic, Super-Soft Tees

What: T-shirts by The RydeWhy: The calendar says that summer's coming to an end, but that doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to a sunny state of mind. The Ryde makes incredibly soft tissue tees with surf-themed graphics that are great for throwing on over your swimsuit after a day of shooting the curl... or just lounging on your couch watching "Blue Crush" for the 72nd time. They're perfectly beachy.Some of our favorites include the Road Trip T-Shirt featuring a vintage VW bus and this cheery Burst T-Shirt in sea-colored teal.P.S. They also have great T-shirts for men! Price: $24Get Yours: TheRyde.comFor more reviews, check out our T-Shirt Guide.

Anti-Aging Face Wash: Replenish and Rehydrate

What: Topix Replenix Fortified Cleanser Why: Chugging green tea to ward off the evils of scary-sounding free radicals? Fight them on all fronts with Replenix's Fortified Cleanser, which includes green tea and white tea, vitamins A, C and E, and even Coenzyme Q10. The creamy, super moisturizing cleanser is best for dry or sensitive skin and will hydrate, rejuvenate and cleanse all in one simple step. Price: $18.90 Find it: SkinStore.com More from SheFinds: The Sensitive Skin Care Guide

Beauty Find: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for — Shower Sherbert?

What: Me! Bath Shower SherbertWhy: Skin-baring summer weather is no time to walk around with dry, scruffy arms and legs. What better way to get your body short and tank-top beautiful than with the help of another favorite summer pastime: ice cream. ME!’s Shower Sherbet is a thick exfoliant rich in moisturizing emollients that transforms my skin from dull and dry to soft and glowing. Plus the sherbet pint-sized packaging means that I’ll have enough to last me well into fall.Choose from delicious flavors like Southern Magnolia, Chocoholic, Lavendar Lullaby, Kiwi Strawberry, Cranberry, Hawaiian Lei and many more! Price: $12 a pint, fat-free and zero calories. Get Yours: Amazon.com

Beauty Find: Superstar Shiny Lips from Benefit

What: Benefit Her Glossiness Lip Gloss Why: When teenage rapper Lil’ Mama professed her love to her favorite beauty product in her hit song “Lip Gloss,” I wasn’t sure if the tune’s success was due more to her beats and vocals than a universal appreciation of the shiny stuff. Benefit’s Her Glossiness elevates lip gloss to star status with sheer pinky shades like “Life on the A List” and “Who Are You Wearing?” I’m not convinced that using it will turn me into a celebutante, but I’ll settle for a glossy kisser. Price: $16 Get Yours: BenefitCosmetics.comCheck out more of our reviews of our favorite Benefit products: * Get Bent Mascara * Brow Zings * Dallas

A Find: Post-Shave Pampering by Lola Marie

What: Aftershave Soother by The Lola Marie Co. Why: With dresses dominating summer fashion -- a trend that’s set to last through the fall -- your legs will be on display for the next several months before they can retreat back into the comfort and safety of winter’s tweed trousers. Until then, be good to your gams by following up razor work with Lola Marie’s Aftershave Soother. Packed with ingredients like organic coconut, aloe leaf juice and witch hazel, this super natural soothing lotion will leave your legs smooth and skirt ready. Price: $7 Find it: Lolamarie.com

Beauty Find: Straight Up Styling

What: Maxius Maxiglide MX-597 One Step Hair Straightening Iron with Steam Burst Technology Why: You know how the steam function on your iron (when you remember to fill it with water) makes that satisfying “shhhhhhhh” sound and gets your dress shirts that much more crisp? Well, that’s how the steam function on the MaxiGlide hair straightener works. This all star flat iron kept my notoriously wayward locks on the straight and narrow all day long, and it left my hair feeling soft and shiny, not toasted and tattered. Price: $80 Get Yours: Amazon.com

Fresh Find: Sayonara, Deodorant Stains

What:Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant, Ultimate Clear Why: Over the years we all come up with strategies for preventing white deodorant streaks while getting dressed, and solutions for removing errant marks when said strategies didn’t quite work. But wouldn’t it just be easier to prevent the stains altogether? Dove Ultimate Clear Antiperspirant Deodorant actually delivers on its claim to go on without the white stuff, plus the smooth formula soothes sensitive underarm skin. So go out and rock black camis with reckless abandon! Price: $4.49 Get Yours: Drugstore.com

Beauty Find: Tropical Skin Treat

What: Bella Luccé Tahitian Body Glaze Why: Coconut oil and gardenia flowers -- these are the only two ingredients in Bella Luccé Tahitian Body Glaze. Somehow, this formula bereft of hard-to-pronounce chemicals, dyes and perfumes left my skin feeling softer than so-called scientifically advanced moisutrizers. This vegan friendly, all natural body oil -- packaged in a display-worthy corked glass bottle -- also has been certified by the French Polynesian government. So, unlike other products that claim to be tropical, this one’s legit. Price: $24 Get Yours: Bellalucce.com

Beauty Find: All-in-One Beachy Bronzer

What: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Why: Splurge on your beach vacation, save on your summer makeup. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips are five-color palettes that multi-task as eye shadows, blush and bronzer. The shimmery shades are subtle enough for day and give a sunkissed glow that hints at a week spent in the Caribbean, even if you’ve just been summering in your cubicle. At under 12 bucks a pop, saving for a tropical escape just got easier. Price: $11.89 Get Bronzed: Walgreens.com More in Summer Beauty: * The Top Five Bronzers for Every Budget * The Top Five Tried and True Tanners * Beauty Finds for Looking Fab at the Beach

Beach Find: Surf ‘n Sport Ready Sunscreen from Hawaiian Island Creations

What: Hawaiian Island Creations 2X Sunblock Why: Summertime isn’t just about lazing about on a lounge chair, it’s also a prime opportunity to escape the bland walls of the gym and work out al fresco. Protect your epidermis while you exercise with Hawaiian Island Creations 2X Sunblock, which was created by a scientist and surfer specifically for the needs of outdoor athletes. Made with SPF 30 or 50, this broad spectrum sunscreen is perfect for hardcore athletes who need a stay-put sunscreen for the most grueling of workouts: non-greasy, waterproof and sweatproof, it's biggest claim to fame is that it won't run into your eyes. The easy-grip bottle is an added benefit that makes application easy, and really, shouldn't the easiest part of your workout be putting on your sunscreen? Price: $11.99 Get Yours: Drugstore.com Deal Alert: Get up to 40% off suncare at Drugstore.com now through 08-03-07. More from SheFinds: For more sweatproof finds, check out our guide to Waterproof Makeup.

Beauty Find: Pineapple Pout

What: Miso Pretty Pineapple Lip Balm Why: The perfect accessory for a body slathered in coconut scented sunscreen? A piña colada by the pool. But when your summer weekdays are spent in a cubicle instead of on the coast, slathering your lips with Miso Pretty’s soothing pineapple lip balm can help put you in a more tropical state of mind...at least until happy hour. It's a scrumptious, calorie-free indulgence your smackers will be asking for again and again. Price: $5 Get Yours: Amazon.com

A Find: Poli-Tee-Cally Correct Fashion

What: Wickedsweet T-Shirts Why: A well known rule of polite social interaction has it that you shouldn’t bring up politics in conversation. This rule doesn’t seem to apply if you live in Washington, D.C., where questions about political leanings are as common as “What do you do?” Washingtonians keep their senses of humor in check with Wickedsweet’s politically-themed T-shirts printed on comfy American Apparel shirts, because sometimes living in our nation’s capital is just a little “democrazy.” Price: $16 Get Yours: WickedSweet.com

Beauty Find: A Mask That Won’t Scare the Neighbors

What: Aveda Deep Cleansing Herbal Clay Masque Why: Do you love the way face masks suck all the gunk out of your pores, but hate the potential embarrassment factor sparked by having a bright green or blue face? Aveda’s Deep Cleansing Herbal Clay Masque makes your skin tingle while it performs the aforementioned gunk sucking, plus the color is a light beige tone, so you can pay the pizza guy or grab your clothes from the laundry room without inciting looks of abject horror and shock. Price: $25 Get Yours: CosmeticMall.com

Beauty Find: Sir Suds-a-Lot

What: Spa Cadet Busta Grime Camphor Cleanser Why: Sure, face washes that fight acne serve an important purpose (and we thank them), but what's with the hardcore packaging that claims to scrub, exfoliate and overall scare the bejesus out of oil glands? No thanks. I tried Spa Cadet’s Busta Grime Camphor Cleanser, and not only does the funky packaging have a sense of humor, but it left my confused, combination skin feeling so fresh and so clean. How’s that for skin care with street cred? Price: $24 Get Yours: spacadet.com

Use Protection: A Cream for Safer Sunning

What: Sonia Kashuk Face Cream Why: You’ve heard it since you were a teenager: make sure to use protection -- sun protection, that is. You know that you’re supposed to wear moisturizer with sunscreen all year round, but it’s especially important in the warmer months when you’re spending more time al fresco. You don’t have to slather thick coconut-scented sunscreen on your face, though. Sonia Kashuk’s face cream is velvety and luxurious, and it contains that oh-so-essential ingredient: SPF 15. Now go out and practice safe sun. Price: $17.99 Get Yours: Target.com

A Sports Bra Find: Triple Threat, Double Dry

What: Champion Double Dry Seamless Sports Bra Why: Ever since the sports bra 1.0 days when athletic undergarments were flimsy, white cotton, uniboob-inducing, glorified ace bandages, women have been searching for a better way to support the girls while working out. For the most part, I haven’t been that thrilled with the offerings. When I tried Champion’s Double Dry Seamless Sports Bra, I was surprised to find that the Tactel nylon and spandex wonder stood stand up to my weekend athletic gauntlet of running, biking and playing tennis -- all while wicking away copious amounts of sweat and providing support without cutting off my circulation. Game on. Price: $32 Find it: ChampionCatalog.com Don't stop here -- read our guide to the Best Sports Bras with reader recommendations, too!

Beauty Find: My Big Fat Greek Shampoo

What: Apivita Propoline Mild Shampoo with Chamomile Why: How do you protect your highlighted locks the shower? Get Mediterranean on them. Greek brand Apivita’s Propoline Mild Shampoo with Chamomile is meant to brighten up you blondies, add shine, and be gentle on sensitive scalps -- all while infusing your shower with a calming chamomile fragrance. Tea time, anyone? Price: $17 Find it: beautyexclusive.com

Beauty Find: Luxe Lather

What: Zents Soap Why: Yet another difference between Mars and Venus is that while guys might be perfectly content stopping at the grocery store and picking up a 10-pack of soap along with a 12-pack of beer, we ladies don’t like to mix bubbles and brews. Zents’ ultra rich, shea butter and coconut oil-infused soap is available in a range of decadent scents including spicy fig, sparkling mandarin, clean oolong and sun (a blend of vanilla, sweet orange, sandalwood and pink grapefruit). The soap left my skin feeling soft and smelling fresh, and it’s is decidedly upmarket, not supermarket. But you can still ask him to get you a gallon of milk while he's at it. Price: $9 Get Yours: Amazon.com

Beauty Find: Fat-Free Butter

What: Sedona Valley Spa Shea & Cactus Body Butter Why: Sticking my hand into a jar of body cream is not something I usually find to be pleasant (ex. lotion gets stuck under my fingernails, etc.). But I was surprised to find that Sedona Valley Spa’s Body Butter was thick, not goopy, and tough enough to soothe my dehydrated "is-it-still-winter?" skin. Plus the light scent was pleasant, not overpowering. Dig in. Price: $13.99 Get Yours: Perfumania.com

Beauty Find: So Fresh and So Clean

What: Bioré Shine Control Cream Cleanser Why: In the era of multi-tasking, some face washes today not only cleanse your skin, but they also exfoliate, tone, tighten, moisturize and bring you a latte in the morning. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but what happened to simple cleansing? I tried Bioré Shine Control Cream Cleanser, a CEW Beauty Award finalist, and found that it gently removed city grime and makeup without trying to restructure the DNA of my sensitive skin. I wouldn’t mind a latte, though. Price: $7 Find It: Drugstore.com

The Product That Changed My Life: Whiplash Lashes

What: Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara Why: Chunky, gunky, sticky, icky... I had given up looking for mascara that actually delivered on the promise of giving me long, luscious, clump-free lashes when my friend gifted me with her favorite beauty product: Clinique’s Naturally Glossy Mascara. It wasn’t my birthday or a special occasion. She just gave it to me because it was just that good (or maybe she just wanted me to stop looking like Tammy Faye). I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t need to wipe excess product off the brush, and I was even more pleased that I didn’t need to comb and separate my lashes after applying. All I had to do was open, apply and bat. And bat. And bat some more. Price: $13.50 Find It: NORDSTROM.com

Trend Alert: A Snazzy Way to Wear Your Skinny Jeans

Hold on to those seersucker shorts and linen skirts for just a second. The fluctuating mercury might be giving an unseasonable taste of summer, but we’re still in early spring here, ladies. And while transitional dressing is a challenge, it doesn't mean you should run out half-naked into the chilly spring air. According to WWD, the latest look that's hot for spring is stove-pipe jeans and a blazer, demonstrated here by classy fashion icon, Nicole Kidman. This is a look that's easy to pull off with a few fashion staples like these Helmut Lang Skinny Pants and this Classiques Entier Eyelet Jacket. This star-studded ensemble makes easing into spring simple and stylish. Pair the ensemble with heels and a flowy top, and you're all set, even when the mercury rises. Here’s hoping. Price: Pants $300, Blazer $350 Find It: See more Helmut Lang at Shopbop.com and visit NORDSTROM.com for free shipping.

Bloglines: Dish ‘n Tell

The fashion world is a catty, catty place. But isn’t it those passionate personalities and their diva-like ways that makes things so interesting? The latest gossip outlet to draw the intrigue of whispering fashionistas everywhere is ViewFromTheFourthRow, a plugged-in, yet nameless blogger, who has been dishing on fashion editors like Vogue’s notorious Anna Wintour. Tongues are wagging as to who the tailored tattler is (New York Magazine reports that the latest suspect is from Cosmo), but no one’s quite sure. So who is the NYC Fashionista? Your guess is as good as ours. Find It: View from the Fourth Row

A Find: Wild on Showering

What: LaLicious Wild Blackberry Sugar Souffle Why: Sudsing up with sweet LaLicious Wild Blackberry Sugar Souffle would evoke fond memories of picking berries in sunny summer meadows if, of course, you ever did that. Even if the closest you ever got to gathering berries outdoors is buying fruit at the farmer’s market, this fruity sugar scrub will freshen up your morning and maybe send you searching for a piece of berry pie. Soft skin never smelled so good. Price: $30 Find it: Amazon.com

SheFinds Fragrance Week: Scents and Sensibility

What: BY by Dolce & Gabbana Why: “If you were a guy, would this perfume make you want to make out with me?” My friend asked me this a few years ago when we were trolling around Sephora in search of just the right fragrances to make our former crushes swoon at an upcoming reunion. My answer? Why, yes, actually. BY by Dolce & Gabbana -- or liquid lust, as I prefer to call it -- definitely isn’t for daytime, unless, of course, your night out lasts until sunrise. This refined scent has notes of flowers, woods and vanilla, but the racy leopard print bottle lives up to its packaging. It is without a doubt the sexiest fragrance my olfactory senses have ever experienced, and I’m not one to toss around the word “sexy.” Go get ‘em, tiger. Price: $70-$90 Find It: FragranceNet.com

Fitness Find: The Sweet Smell of Sweat

What: Lucy Speedy Racer Tee Why: If your multitasking ways leave you with a massive post-gym to do list, but your hardcore workout just left you smelly, it’s time to look outside the (perfume) box. Lucy’s long sleeve Speedy tee is make from an antimicrobial fabric that’s supposed to fight the growth of odor-causing bacteria, so I put it through my fitness and errand gauntlet. The moisiture-wicking tee also it has mesh side vents to keep you cool and thumb loops to help keep out the cold during outdoor winter workouts. The verdict? The trim-fitting tee kept me (relatively) dry during and my sweat session, and I’d like to think I smelled a little better afterwards. I’d still take a shower before heading out to dinner, but I hope the shirt made the air a bit more pleasant for my fellow passengers on the crowded train home. Price: $50 Find it: lucy.com Sweat in style with SheFinds Favorite Fitness Finds and SheFinds Guide to Hi-Tech Workout Gear.

A Find: Pheromone-Enhanced “Fun”derwear

What: funnflirty.com Check out SheFinds Extreme Lingerie Guide for more great ideas on how to spice up your underthings.

Fitness Find: Get Your Sweat On

What: shopadidas.com Deal Alert:

Trend Alert: Time Warped Workout Wear

What: ‘80s Sporty Chic Why: She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor... If you missed the Jazzercise trend (and the accompanying stretchy neon workout gear) the first time around, get ready to feel the burn. ‘80s-inspired athletic wear is poised to make a Day-Glo resurgence. (Really, with the leggings-and-oversized-shirt trend in full force, didn’t you see this coming?) American Apparel, with its fluorescent legwarmers -- and metallic lame workout shorts on the way -- has already fully embraced the trend, but fashion forecasters predict that the aerobics queen look will be, like, everywhere this spring. Like, totally awesome. Find it: AmericanApparel.net Deal Alert: Save 10% when you spend $50 on these items at AmericanApparel.net. Enter code "NEWYEARO7" at checkout. Offer expires 2.4.07. Don't feel like living in the past? Check out SheFinds Guide to Hi-Tech Workout Gear.

Fitness Find: iPod Compatible Clothing

What: Nano-Friendly Workout Gear Why: The latest (and likely the sweatiest) partnership between the iPod and its many adoring followers has spawned a line of tanks and short- and long-sleeve shirts by Nike that is designed with pockets to fit iPod Nano. Sure, the technical fabrics and iPod-friendly fits are custom made for rocking and running, but is buying a Nano-compatible shirt the jock equivalent of wearing a pocket protector? Those who have not fully reconciled their athletic and geekish ways can try less obvious iPod gear likeNike+ Sleeveless Seamless Top ($60) Nike+ Long Sleeve Seamless Top ($70)

Beauty Find: Click ‘n Color

What: Moisture Care Lip Color Why: In our Internet-driven world clicking gets you everything you want. Click and find. Click and buy. Click and gloss. Just twist and click e.l.f.’s Moisture-Care Lip Color for the right amount of glossy color, which prevents you from wearing it on your lips AND your teeth. Because you can't click and delete lipstick stains. When it's like shopping at an upscale dollar store you can afford to stock up on essentials for your desk drawer, gym locker, purse, and traveling bags- all without having to switch out your cosmetics kit. Price: $1 Find it: eyeslipsface.com

SheFinds Fitness Week: Stylish Sweating

Fitness Week Feature Find: Lucy's low-rise pants kept me cool and dry. The pants sit on the hips, and they come in short, medium and tall lengths, because really, one size hardly fits all. Another benefit of stylish workout gear? Looking good is an amazing motivator. Price: pants, $60; hoodie, $65 Find it:

SheFinds Fitness Week: Fierce Fleece

Fitness Week Feature Find: Run Don't Walk Tights snug, tapered fit is surprisingly flattering (in the way you never thought skinny jeans could be). The wind-blocking fabric kept my booty warm during a frosty Thanksgiving morning 5K, and there�s a zippered front pocket for your keys or ID. The cloudveil.com

SheFinds Fitness Week: Rock ‘n Run

Fitness Week Feature Find: Motion Jacket ($85) is formfitting and features inside pockets for your mp3 players. Plus the pockets are mesh, so you can control touch-sensitive controls from the outside pocket instead of having to unzip your jacket every time the shuffle feature makes a misguided song choice. Yes, the Paiva.com

A Find: Sounds Good Enough To Eat

What: Lola Marie Chocolate Spearmint soap Why: Back in the day, a common parental threat was to wash our their kid's mouths out with soap. I wonder, would the threat have carried as much weight if mom and dad were using Lola Marie's Chocolate Spearmint soap? This biodegradable, vegetable-based soap has spearmint essential oil and cocoa powder, plus gentle exfoliating grains. Smells great, perfect for gifts, but it won't cure your PMS-triggered chocolate cravings. Price: $4.50 Find it: lolamarie.com

Beauty Find: A Palette for Your Peepers

What: Jane Eye Zing Eye Mixers Eye Shadow Why: The names of cosmetic colors are getting a bit absurd. For a while I thought it was cute that color names didn’t necessarily describe the shade, but now I get embarrassed when I say the name of my favorite blush (hint: Meg Ryan faked one in “When Harry Met Sally”). Jane’s Eye Zing Eye Mixers Eye Shadow are kooky name offenders -- black is “Clubbing” and pink is “It’s a Girl,” which makes me wonder if one leads to another... Silly names aside, the eight-color pallette of matte and shimmery shadows works for both day and night, so I’ll let it slide this time...at least until I figure out why the yellow eyeshadow is called “Dream Cream.” Price: $6.99 Find it: Drugstore.com

Beauty Find: Post-Party De-Puffing

What: Drugstore.com

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