The One Drink You Should Never Have Because It Causes Stomach Rolls

October 22, 2018 by SheFinds Health
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Sometimes the biggest threat to our diets are not the foods we eat, but rather the drinks. We’re often so careful with counting the calories in our meals and looking at the nutritional information in our favorite foods, but we overlook the things we drink throughout the day.

Sofa, coffee, ice teas, energy drinks, and alcohol all contain calories that can add up quickly. Possibly the worst one of all that causes weight gain and stomach rolls is alcohol.

Many alcoholic beverages don’t contain traditional nutrition labels likes most foods, making it a little tricky to know exactly what’s in them. That fact is that alcohol is loaded with empty calories and sugars that all contributed to weight gain.

One of the many reasons why alcohol can cause weight gain is because while your body processes it, all of the excess calories that you consume -- from additional drinks and snacks -- is stored as fat cells.

Another reason is that most drinks are higher in calories than you may realize. A regular beer contains around 150 calories each while a sugary mixed drink like a martini has around 210. Multiple that times 3 drinks and you have yourself almost an entire meal’s worth of calories, just in liquids.

If you're trying to lose weight, try drinking a vodka soda or a single glass of red wine instead of a sweeter mixed drink or beer. They have fewer calories and won't make you feel as bloated and uncomfortable.  


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