4 Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Should Eat For Sagging Skin, According To A Dermatologist

December 11, 2017 by Kiarra Lyles
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We tend to overlook the positive impact that food can have on our body. When the effects of aging begin to appear on our face, skin and body, we automatically lean toward beauty products -- or a plastic surgeon, if your wallet allows that! But what we told you that you can slow and even reverse aging symptoms, like sagging skin, just by eating nutrient-rich foods? Here are 4 of the best anti-inflammatory foods that you should eat for sagging skin, according to a dermatologist.


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brazil nuts

Brazil Nuts

Not only are brazil nuts delicious, but they also have amazing health benefits for your skin. Brazil nuts are loaded with selenium, an essential mineral that contains antioxidizing properties. “Selenium is a trace mineral and vital nutrient for our cells," says dermatologist Dr. Sarah Jackson. "It is highly anti-inflammatory and is considered to be a stronger combination when partnered with vitamin E (found in foods such as almonds) to fight free radicals—the harmful and highly reactive molecules released by skin in response to environmental factors like UV rays and smog."



Salmon makes the list of anti-inflammatory foods to eat for sagging skin because it's rich in omega-3 fatty acids. “When you consume a fatty fish, you bring omega-3 fatty acids to your body, which is a great way to boost a glowing complexion," says Dr. Jackson. "We recommend eating salmon or another source of omega-3 fatty acid at least three times a week."



Spirulina is considered a superfood and for good reason. The blue-green algae contains vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. “Spirulina is one of the primary sources of beta-carotene [an organic pigment rich in vitamin A retinol] on the planet,” says hollistic dermatologist Jeanette Jacknin.

citrus fruit

Citrus Fruit

You can probably guess why citrus fruits make the list. That's right, vitamin C galore! Whether it be oranges, grapefruits or limes, incorporate citrus fruits into your diet for youthful skin. “Like all antioxidants, vitamin C can help fight free radicals from all environmental aggressors, like pollution, and sun damage,” says dermatologist Dennis Gross.


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