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The Best Stockings Ever Are Bulletproof--We're Not Kidding!

February 15, 2018 by Jessica Harrington
shefinds | Fashion

There’s nothing worse than getting a rip in your pantyhose. Nothing. It seems like no matter how are you try to avoid them, runs and snags are inevitable. It’s no wonder the old-outdated hosiery is no longer worn by the masses–until now. Say goodbye to your granny’s pantyhose.

Sheerly Genius stockings are here to change the game, forever. If you’ve ever dreamed of indestructible tights, your wish has been granted. Sheerly Genius products are made from the same materials as bulletproof vests (amazing, we know) and claim to be 10 times stronger than steel. Genius.

A video posted on the brand’s YouTube page says, “I used to lie awake at night and wonder why in a world where cars can drive themselves, I still didn’t have a pair of pantyhose that could get me through the day.” Ain’t that the truth!

Sheerly Genius founder Katherine Homuth (Hague) said, “We set out to on a mission. One to create a pair of pantyhose that wasn’t just strong, but totally indestructible. You know, just like women themselves.”

But these tights don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. After undergoing rigorous testing, they’re proven to last for up to 50 wears. This is a huge spike compared to the average hosiery that threatens to rip before you even make it out of the house. The innovative company brags that in just 50 wears you’ll save 25 pairs of pantyhose from reaching a landfill. Here’s to being more eco-friendly!

Let’s see how Sheerly Genius stockings were tested:

1) With velcro

2) By pulling them with all their might

3) With a fresh mani

4) By stretching them to the max

5) With a 24-karat diamond ring.

Sheerly Genius tights really seem too good to be true if you ask us. The product has an invisible waistband giving them a Spanx-like fit and come in a size range from S up to XXL

The brand, which started on Kickstarter, is open for pre-orders as of February 7 but won’t be shipped until the fall. Sad face. If you’re just as interested in these indestructible stockings as we are, then place your order now. The next 100 tights purchased will be available at $79. The price after that will jump to $145 per pair. While the price is a bit steep, they promise to be a worthy investment. Women in virtually every workforce will need a nice pair of tights at some point. The way we see it, you might as well purchase a pair that will last and save yourself the frustration.


Not able to wait until next fall for a new pair of stockings? Check out some of the top rated ones on Nordstrom below.

And make sure you know how to take care of them on SheFinds.com.

spanx luxe leg shaping tights

These high-waisted tights have a non-binding waistband for comfort all day long.

Spanx 'Luxe' Leg Shaping Tights ($28)

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Matte black tights designed to look good under clingy, tight clothing. Wolford 'Pure 50' Tights ($61)

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Wolford Velvet 66 Shaping Tights ($53.60, originally $67)

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