4 Vitamins Doctors Swear By To Get Flat Abs Fast

February 21, 2018 by Jessica Harrington
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It’s no secret that losing weight is hard–like really, really hard. Sometimes it can feel like you’re trying absolutely everything possible to slim down, but the flat stomach just isn’t happening. We hear your pain. If working out and eating healthy don’t seem to be cutting it, it might be time to try a few dietary supplements to aid in your weight loss journey. These are 4 vitamins doctors swear by to get a flat abs fast:

vitamin for flat stomach

1. Probiotics


Probiotics help you lose weight by aiding with digestion and decreasing inflammation in your stomach. “A form of ‘good’ bacteria, probiotics work to restore a healthy balance of microflora in the body by decreasing the ‘bad’ inflammatory bacteria in our guts," says Danielle Omar, MS, RD, Integrative Dietitian.


Studies have found that obese people have fewer healthy gut bacteria, meaning that they have fewer probiotics in their system. This correlation suggests that probiotics play a great role in weight loss and regulation.

vitamin for flat stomach

2. Nutritional Yeast


Nutritional yeast is high in vitamin B-12, which is commonly found in fish and red meat. B-12 helps your body break down fats and protein into energy, aiding weight loss and giving you a flatter stomach.


"I recommend that vegans specifically look for a brand that is fortified with vitamin B12—a nutrient found primarily in animal products that is essential for proper functioning of the central nervous system and a fast metabolism,” says Andy Bellatti, MS, RD.

vitamin for flat stomach

3. Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar supplements help you lose fat by controlling hunger and speeding up your metabolism. Vitamins containing apple cider vinegar are known to speed up the fat burning process in your body which promotes belly fat loss. 


“I love raw apple cider vinegar and recommend it to our Foodtrainers’ clients for improved weight loss results. ACV is rich in a compound called acetic acid that has proven to speed up fat burning by interfering with the body’s ability to digest starch. It also helps regulate the appetite by keeping blood sugar nice and steady and warding off spikes associated with weight gain," says Lauren Slayton, MS, RD.

vitamin for flat stomach

4. Omega-3 Fish Oil


Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil tremendously help with weight loss. The supplement has even been said to help you lose belly fat and shed inches off your waist. Omega-3s help you feel fuller and lower your appetite, speed up your metabolism which enables you to burn more calories, and they increase the number of calories and fat you burn during a workout.


"Fish oil is one supplement I believe everyone would benefit from, and my whole family — including our 3- and 6-year-old girls — take it daily. Research supports the widespread benefits of high-quality fish oil that span basically every cell in your body, including your heart, brain, and skin," says Christopher R. Mohr, PhD, RD.


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