Starbucks Baristas HATE It When You Order This Popular Drink--Say It Ain't So!

November 14, 2018 by Justine Schwartz
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One might think that a half-caff soy latte at 120 degrees would be an eye-roll-inducing order for Starbucks employees, but it’s actually what these trained baristas live for. Mastering a delicious and difficult-to-execute caffeinated espresso drink is the name of the game.

You know what isn’t? Preparing their unnecessary refresher teas, which require countless tedious steps and contain things like “real diced dragon fruit” (wtf). And it’s not even a coffee drink! If that’s your go-to order at the coffee shop, prepare to be secretly hated next time you patron the chain.

Don’t believe us? We spoke to a current employee of Starbucks at one of their Greenwich, CT locations, who griped about the refresher drinks.

“I personally don’t like making the refresher drinks, nor do I understand why they’re even sold here,” Calvin* told us of the fruity drink, which also boasts a whopping 38 grams of sugar.

“From the stand point of being a barista, I just don’t get it. It’s not a drink I enjoy making,” he told our reporter. 


Interesting! If you want to be one with your barista, opt for a hot coffee drink instead, preferably with steamed milk, like a flat white—a barista’s dream order to make!

Any drink that doesn’t take skill to execute should NOT cost $5. You’re getting the Starbucks up-charge, without actually getting the best their menu and employees have to offer. And that’s not to mention the added sugar calories. Opt instead for a bottled tea and save yourself a couple dollars (and the public ridicule).

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