5 Metabolism-Boosting Carbs You Can Eat Non-Stop Without Gaining Weight, According To Nutritionists

November 11, 2018 by SheFinds Health
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Good carbs, also known as slow-burning carbs, are rich in fiber and help provide you with long-lasting energy without causing spikes in your blood sugar or insulin levels. Contrary to popular belief, this makes eating certain carbs really healthy for you, even if you’re on a diet.

Following low-carb diets are the most common method for losing fat, but that’s not the only way to shed pounds. The fiber in healthy carbs will keep you feeling full and satisfied between meals so you’re less likely to snack and eat unhealthy foods.

Many nutritionists believe in the benefits of eating good carbs while on a diet. By eliminating processed carbs and only eating slow-burning ones, you can actually lose weight while enjoying yourself.

The Best Healthy Carbs To Eat On A Diet


1. Lentils & Beans
Lentils are tiny legumes that are great sources of plant-based protein and fiber. “They won't elevate your blood sugar so you'll have sustained energy without the spike and crash,” says Andrea Wise. The same goes for beans like black beans and chickpeas. Beans are protein-packed and fiber-rich which accelerate weight loss.

2. Nuts

 Dr. Josh Axe recommends eating carbs that are nutrient-rich like nuts and seeds. Snacking on these tasty bites will get your body the vitamins and minerals it needs, without any artificial ingredients.

3. Quinoa

Many people know of quinoa as a superfood, but did you know it’s a starchy carbohydrate? “It’s best to focus on fresh, minimally processed foods that have their carbohydrates encased in cellular compartments, which will not only have a lower carbohydrate density but will also likely be accompanied by lots of beneficial micronutrients," said Dr. Joseph Mercola.

4. Sweet Potatoes

“These slow carbs are versatile, naturally sweet and our bodies digest them slowly,” said Andrea Wise, a Chicago-based nutrition coach. Sweet potatoes are a great alternative for anyone who loves the starchiness of potatoes but looking to cut back on calories.

5. Steel-Cut Oatmeal
If you need to kick the bad habit of eating bread, cereal, and other refined carbs for breakfast, oatmeal is here to take their place. Not only is it packed with protein, but it also has a ton of fiber to keep you feeling full. Make sure you choose steel-cut oats over rolled or instant because they’re less processed.


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