Why You Should Never Order Chicken Nuggets At A Fast Food Restaurant

October 5, 2017 by Emily Belfiore
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It seems like fast food chains are changing their menus every day. Regardless of the new concoction they put together, nothing tops the chicken nuggets. These menu staples prove to be superior to everything on the menu and never dissapoint. Though their flavor and crispness are undeniably on-point, it seems like they're not being prepared in the freshiest way possible...


[Photos: McDonald's]

never order chicken nuggets

Employees from popular chains like McDonald's and Burger King have revealed that the chicken nuggets are usually left sitting out all day and aren't as fresh as we'd like them to be. In fact, one employee even said that their co-workers rarely take them off of the heater when they're done and just keep them there all day until they're sold. 


[Photos: Burger King]

never order chicken nuggets

“I used to work at McDonalds. If you order, especially chicken nuggets, just ask for them fresh. Otherwise they’ve been just sitting in their container in the heat," the former Mickey D's employee said, according to Huffington Post. "They have a timer, but 9/10 times when that timer goes off, people just reset the timer instead of making new ones. This could go on until all the nuggets are sold.”

never order chicken nuggets

"I wouldn't order [nuggets] unless you specify fresh ones," says Burger King employee Giulls. "The less popular products might be fried then left on the warmer for longer than you would like, freshness-wise."


Yikes! This is definitely good to know. But, let's be real, we shouldn't be eating fast food chicken nuggets anyway. The American Journal of Medicine found that most fast food nuggets are filled with unhealthy ingredients like GMO corn, bleached wheat, sugar, hydrogenated oils, and other gross preservatives -- a.k.a. all of the stuff that's definitely not good for our bodies. 

chicken nuggets never order

So, it looks like it's a good idea to avoid the chicken nuggets the next time you're in the mood for some Mickey D's or Burger King. This won't be an easy change, but at least it'll be a good thing for your waistline, right? 


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