The One Thing You Should Never Do Before A Meal Because It Leads To Weight Gain

February 11, 2020 by Hannah Kerns
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When trying to lose weight, it seems obvious that you should pay attention to what you are eating. However, your daily routine–even before you eat–can also play an important role in how quickly you can lose weight. Specifically, there are some things you should never do before a meal because they can lead to weight gain.

According to Jean LaMantia, RD, you should never drink alcohol before a meal because it can cause weight gain. Read on for why this is a bad idea for anyone hoping to lose weight!





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Alcohol Before A Meal

She explains, "While this is common practice in restaurant service, there is a reason for this. Alcohol is an appetite stimulant and will encourage you to eat beyond the point that you would normally stop."


Plus, the alcohol itself will add to your overall calorie intake. LaMantia continues, "Not only do you drink the extra calories from the alcohol (and sugar depending on what you choose) you also eat more calories from the meal."

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Instead of having a drink before dinner, saving it for during the meal--or skipping it altogether--is a better bet.


She explains. "A better solution is to drink water before a meal. If you are having alcohol, wait until you've had a bit of food before you drink or better yet, skip the cocktail."

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LaMantia also suggests avoiding getting too hungry before a meal: "If you are starving before a meal, that makes it really difficult to eat slowly and keep your portions under control. More than likely, you will snack while you are preparing the meal, eat your meal too quickly, and eat beyond your feeling of fullness."


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