The Scary Reason Why You Should NEVER Add Milk To Your Coffee

October 24, 2018 by Justine Schwartz
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Your morning is filled with routines–we get it. Wake up, shower, coffee. You could go through the motions half asleep, and often do. But have you ever stopped to consider that one of your most precious morning rituals might actually be bad for your health? Gasp! We don’t mean to sound like the nightly news here with the scare tactics, but this one is for real: going dairy-free could be a life changer for you. 

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"Cow's milk is super acidic, highly mucous forming, and is usually loaded with hormones and antibiotics," Nathalie W. Rhone, MS, RDN, CDN warns.


And that's not all--the white stuff you've been drinking daily for years is actually difficult to digest.

"Most of us have a hard time digesting cow's dairy," Rhone advises.


What should you drink instead? "If you are going to drink animal's milk opt for sheep or goat, as it is typically easier tolerated, and make sure it is sourced well. But even better choose an unsweetened plant based milk like almond or coconut."

It's fattening, too. "Milk is produced by the mother cow with the purpose of making the baby grow as fast as possible," Rhone reminds. "Humans are the only species that drinks another mammal's milk after weaning."

Rhone counsels patients through her private practice, Nutrition by Nathalie. Follow her on Instagram for daily food inspo!


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