The One Food Doctors Say You Should STOP Eating Because It Slowly Destroys Your Metabolism

October 17, 2019 by SheFinds Health
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If you’ve nailed down the right diet and exercise plan, but you’re still not losing weight the way you should it might be because you’re still eating the one food that is slowly destroying your metabolism.

The truth is that there is a metabolism-slowing food disguised as a health food that you’re probably eating without even realizing it’s harmful consequences.


Even though most of us consider granola to be a health food, the truth is that it wreaks havoc on your metabolism because it is typically high in fat content and calories. “Granola is one of those mythical health foods that has a lot of calories [and] can have a lot of sugar,” Lisa Moskovitz, RDN told Everyday Health.

one food to stop eating for metabolism

Eating Granola Can Make You Feel Hungrier More Frequently

Granola often comes with a high sugar content, which raises your blood sugar and ends up making you feel hungrier than you actually are. While granola bars with added flavoring or chocolate are a part of the problem, granola that comes in bags are usually no better. Don’t let terms like “whole grain” or “organic” throw you off - an average bag of granola can contain anywhere from 6 to 10 grams of sugar per serving.

one food to stop eating for metabolism

Granola May Cause Weight Gain

According to Doctor Oz, granola usually contains high amounts of processed honey, which is a cause of weight gain as processed honey is almost the same as corn syrup in sugar content due to the high temperature pasteurization.

one food to stop eating for metabolism

The Best Way To Eat Granola

If you still want to keep granola in your diet, there are healthier ways to do so. Buy granola by the bag and prepare it yourself, making sure to read the nutritional facts on the back to select the option with the lowest amount of added sugars.

Mix your granola with natural ingredients like nuts, raw honey, raisins or cinnamon to keep the sugar content low.


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