The One Deodorant You Should Stop Buying From The Drugstore, According To A Dermatologist

October 4, 2018 by Jessica Harrington
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It can be hard to believe that something as simple as a deodorant can be harmful to your health but more and more research has come out about the risk of this common, everyday product.

If you aren’t already aware, many of the ingredients in your deodorant have been linked to health concerns like skin irritation, allergies, and even more severe ones like cancer. The chemical ingredients in these products may make you smell good but at a very big cost.

When shopping for a deodorant, experts warn about the importance of looking for products that don’t contain Aluminum compounds. Unfortunately, this can be difficult because so many products are made with it, however, it’s not impossible.

The Aluminum compounds in your deodorant are used to block the sweat ducts in your armpits to temporarily stop sweat. Sounds good, right? Not exactly. These compounds are then absorbed into the skin throughout the day and are toxic for our bodies.

According to, “These compounds can mimic estrogen, which promotes growth of breast cancer cells.”  Scary to think about, isn’t it? Especially if you consider how many times a day you apply and reapply deodorant. Considering many of us often apply deodorant to freshly shaven skin which contains tiny little cuts, these chemicals can enter the skin even quicker.

The National Cancer Institute states that due to the proximity of underarm deodorants and the breast, several scientists have suggested a possible connection between the two.

To make sure your deodorant products don’t contain harmful ingredients like Aluminum compound, always read the label and check the drug facts. You will find Aluminum listed under the active ingredients.

Other harmful deodorant ingredients to look out for are Parabens, Silica, Talc, and many more.

For a safer antiperspirant, make the switch to all-natural products that are made without these dangerous ingredients.


Fashion & Beauty Editorial Assistant

Jessica is a former Editorial Assistant at SheFinds, where she covered everything from the latest fashion trends to new beauty launches. As a fashion-obsessed beauty junkie, she prides herself on hoarding far too many pairs of shoes (if that’s even a thing) and skincare products. Jessica’s work has also appeared in The Zoe Report, AhaLife, JoyfullyMe, and Her Campus Media. You can reach her at [email protected]

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