The Worst Ingredient To Put In Your Coffee If You’re Trying To Lose Weight, According To A Nutritionist

November 8, 2019 by SheFinds Health
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Whether you drink one cup or three cups each day, no morning routine is ever complete without a ritual cup of coffee. As long as you don’t typically have more than a cup of two each day, there is nothing wrong with drinking your morning coffee, even if you are trying to lose weight.

There are many aspects of coffee that are actually quite beneficial for your health. For example, coffee is high in fiber and several B vitamins, plus it can help you burn fat. But on the flip side, there may be one ingredient that you are adding to your coffee that is actually preventing you from losing weight.

If you are one of the many people who adds artificial, non-dairy creamer to your cup of coffee, you are actually hindering yourself from losing weight.

worst ingredient to add to coffee for weight loss

Non-dairy creamers are bad for you because they are made from many artificial ingredients that can be detrimental for your health. Many people opt for a non-dairy creamer because they are trying to avoid milk, or because these artificial creamers add flavors to your coffee, but the truth is that these kinds of products contain many added ingredients that are typically high in trans fats and calories.

worst ingredient to add to coffee for weight loss

“‘Creamers’ contain no actual cream,” registered dietician Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, AT, wrote on “You may be wondering, if there's no dairy, what are these creamy imposters made of? They're nothing but concoctions of oil, sugar and thickeners. To make matters worse, the oils are the partially hydrogenated kind. While a one-tablespoon serving contains less than 0.5 grams of this super unhealthy trans fat, slurping this every morning will quickly pile up.”

White explained that even the fat-free or sugar-free types of non-dairy creamers are bad for you, too, because they are made from the same unhealthy oils and thickeners, along with additional chemicals from artificial sweeteners.

worst ingredient to add to coffee for weight loss

“Go for the real deal,” White suggested. “If you enjoy a bit of sweet creaminess in your coffee, do it the old fashioned way, with measured portions of cream and sugar.”

Alternatively, if you picked out non-dairy creamers as a way to avoid using milk, try using almond or coconut milk instead. These dairy-free alternatives can also add a nice flavor to your coffee, minus the added oils and thickeners.


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