Find Out What Your Favorite Emoji Says About You

July 21, 2015 by Francesca Giordano
shefinds | Style

Who doesn’t love emojis (even ones we don’t use correctly)?! Did you know that you can actually tell a lot about a person from their favorite emoji? Find out what your favorite emoji says about you here:

1. Women with bunny ears

You are very friendly. You always have a sidekick with you to get into god knows what kind of trouble with. You’re loyal and will defend your friends and family if anyone goes after them. You’re the type who believes in quality over quantity and you know exactly who your go-to friend is when you want to get into something you might regret (the sidekick!).




2. Hands in prayer 

Your Pinterest board is filled with inspirational quotes. Your friends always come to you looking for answers and you usually know exactly what to say. You encourage them to do whatever they may be debating because, why not? You have a positive outlook on life and it’s safe to say you’re pretty happy. You don’t let anything stop you from getting what you want.



3. Smiling face with smiling eyes

You’re the “mom” in your friend group. You use this emoji when you think you have a good idea and you want everyone to agree with you. You enjoy playing it safe and some may even call you boring. A big social scene isn’t really your thing, you’d much rather a quite evening with your friends, or even going to a book club.



4. Clicking beer mugs

You like to have a good time and are always down to grab a beer…or four. Some might call you a hot mess, but they just don’t know how to have fun. You use this emoji when you are convincing your friends to come out with you. It’s always beer o’clock in your book!




5. Face with tears of joy

You are the funny one of your crew and you like to spice up the conversation. Whether it be with an awesome GIF or a funny video you found online, your friends always know they can count on you to give them a good laugh.




6. Wine glass

You’re the type that would rather sit home on a Friday night with a bottle of wine (to yourself, of course) and maybe order a pizza with your BF or girlfriends. You are also always using the phrase “it’s hump day!” as an excuse to drink.


7. Information desk person

You are the definition of a “sassy diva.”  You love telling people about great things that happen to you. For example, got a cute boy’s number today-text your friends *uses information desk person emoji.* Got a job promotion- text your friends *uses information desk person emoji.*


8. Smiling pile of poo

You don’t give two sh*ts. You say whatever and do whatever without thinking twice. A filter does not exist in your world and people love you for it. You might come off a little strong to some people, but once they ease up to you they’ll want to be your best friend.



9. The dancer

You’re the type that is always looking for a celebration! You dance on tables and get the party started. You usually use this emoji when your friends agree to celebrate with you. It’s your way of showing your excitement for whatever festivities are going on later.


10. Smirking face

Not only are you a flirt, but you love getting your way. Some may call you a bad b*itch, and you know it’s true. You would use the kissy face to flirt, but that would be way too boring. The smirking faces adds mystery, which you like.



11. Raising hands in celebration

You are a team player and an extrovert. You are also grateful for the simple things in life and feel like they should be recognized. This emoji helps you spread the positive message to others. So, keep doing you, you kind soul.

person-raising-both-hands-in-celebration (1)


12. Smiling face with heart shaped eyes

You are a lover! Whether it be food, a significant other, or a puppy, you love it all! You are overall extremely happy and have good things going for you! Keep spreading the love, people love you for it!



13. Face With Stuck-Out Tongue And Winking Eye 

You loveeee messing with people. Its what you live for! Sarcasm is all you know. People either love you or they hate you, but only because they don’t understand your humor. The only way people know you’re joking is if you use this emoji. Otherwise you’d have 0 friends. 160x160x12-face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye.png.pagespeed.ic.9hI38RB82r

[Photo Credit: Emojipedia]


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