Find Out What Your Favorite Fast Food Says About You

April 1, 2016 by Isabel Jones
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Everyone has an absolute favorite junk food — you’re lying if you disagree! Which fast food is your guilty pleasure and what does it say about you?

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A) Hamburger

If your favorite fast food is a hamburger, you’re pretty easy going. At the end of a long day, all you want to do is sit back and catch a couple Friends re-runs on TBS. People sometimes misread your agreeable nature and think you’re putting on a show, but that’s just not you. You’re real, baby, even if the ‘beef’ in your burger isn’t…

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B) Tacos

If tacos are your drunchie of choice, you love to let loose on the weekend. You’re all business until 6pm Friday — but after that, anything goes! Naturally, you have some pretty interesting stories to share, but you’re not the bragging type. It’s safe to say that you’re the life of the party — every party, always! Fiesta 4eva!

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C) Fried Chicken

KFC gals are of refined taste. They like everything to be carefully curated — from their fried chicken to their chip-free manicures. When it comes to matters of the heart, they’re also very discerning. Fried chicken girls don’t fall easy.

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D) Sub Sandwich

If you’re a sub sandwich kind of girl, it’s likely that you take your career very seriously. Your bestie is most definitely a Taco girl, and she totally gets your commitment to hard work, but when it comes time to party, she needs to coax you out of your shell. It’s difficult for you switch from work to fun mode, so going out takes a lot of time and planning (and tequila shots), but you usually end up enjoying yourself once you let go a little.

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E) Ice Cream

If ice cream is your ultimate guilty pleasure, you’re very traditional. You love classic, timeless styles and old romance movies (especially Breakfast at Tiffany’s). Everyone tells you that you should’ve been alive in the ’50s — that era just speaks to you!

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