Find Out What Your Fingernail Shape Says About You

February 1, 2016 by Isabel Jones
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What do your nails say about you? Quite a bit, actually! Take a look below to see if we got it right.

1) Pointed

You’re bold, girl! The pointy, triangle-shaped nail belongs to a confident woman of many opinions and ideas. You’re not afraid to say what you mean and say it mean, but you also value the advice and opinions of others. Some may describe you as hard-headed, but you always have the best intentions.

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2) Round

The round nail highlights the laid-back personality of its beholder. You rarely lose your cool, in fact, you’re usually the one to smooth over conflicts between friends and family members. People turn to you for emotional support.

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3) Broad base

You try your best to get along with everyone, and for the most part, you succeed. However, your ability to tolerate others doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings of your own. You’re easily hurt and you don’t always know how to communicate this to others.

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4) Broad top

If your nails fan-out at the tips, you probably struggle to keep your temper in check. Long, tedious tasks are no problem for you, but your patience runs out when it comes to managing others.

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5) Square

You’re stubborn, but you always get the job done. Not everyone understands or can relate to you and your relentless drive, but they respect your follow-through.

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6) Squoval

If your nail shape falls somewhere between a square and an oval, you’re super creative and open-minded. Your imagination is always running wild, so it can be difficult for you to deal with people who rely more strongly on numbers and logic.

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7) Stiletto

You’re a perfectionist and everyone knows it. If you’re not pleased with an outcome, the people around you will sense it. But you’d never openly criticize anyone’s work — you’re too polite!

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8) Oval

You have a calming effect on those around you. Your passion for the environment and all things natural keeps you active and aware.

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[Photo: Shelby Rodriguez]



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