These Are The Best Calvin Klein Dresses For Different Body Types

July 6, 2017 by SHEfinds Editor
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There are two major goals when buying a dress. One is to keep everything in proportion and thereby achieving visual balance. Second you must have proper fit to have style. You can wear the most high-end dress but it won’t look amazing unless it fits you correctly. And many times dresses don’t fit right off the rack. It’s totally frustrating but a talented tailor can usually tweak the dress to make it fabulous. But first you need to know how to shop. The path to well-fitting clothes begins with shopping for a brand known to dress women to perfection. Calvin Klein has been creating pieces for the female form for decades. Find a dress from the Calvin Klein collection that suits your shape.

If you have an hourglass shape…

Va-va-voom! Your shape has long been the ideal so love it and flaunt it. Play up your natural curves by choosing a Calvin Klein dress that highlights your waist. A belted profile that’s not too fitted and not too loose will fall over your body in just the right way. A sheath, a dress with a simple, straight shape that skims your body and hits around your knees, will also look stunning on you.

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If you have a full midsection…

Dresses are super flattering for this body type when you wear a silhouette that shows off your legs and shoulders but draws attention away from your center. A swing dress is fitted through the shoulder and then swings out and skims your belly. Another go-to Calvin Klein dress is the empire. It flows out like a swing but it has a definite waist that sits just under the bust line.

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If you have a large chest…

Okay Calvin, what do you have to balance out a large chest? Answer: the always fashionable A-line. It’s fitted at your natural waist and gradually widens to create a triangular, fan shape. Eyes are drawn to the waist and visually your top and bottom look balanced.

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If you have wide hips…

Now for the opposite–balancing wide hips or a booty. A-line works here as well, again drawing attention to a small waist and tricking the eye to see your bottom in balance with your top. Another way to minimize your hips is with a Calvin Klein fit and flare. It’s similar to an A-line in that is creates a waist and shows off your shoulders, but the skirt is more exaggerated.

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If you have a rectangular shape…

If your body appears to be a rectangle and looks kind of boyish, the wrap dress will instantly change your appearance. Curves seem to come out of nowhere! The dress literally wraps around your middle and ties with a sash. By creating a defined waist, curvy hips and shapely shoulders follow suit.

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