How To Buy Cheap Jewelry That Looks Way More Expensive Than It Actually Is

August 9, 2016 by Caroline Pirozzolo
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If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit prone to breaking and losing jewelry – which, aside from a couple of special pieces, makes cheap costume jewelry kind of essential. After all, I’m not going to spend hundreds of dollars on a trendy choker or a pair of earrings just to lose them or get bored of them in a few months. But how do you shop for jewelry so that the stuff you’re buying looks like the real deal? Read on for a few rules you should always follow when picking out costume jewelry.

Avoid overly-shiny metals

While you might be thinking, “The shinier, the better,” you’ll actually want to steer clear of anything too shiny or polished, especially when it comes to fake gold, when shopping for cheap costume jewelry. Real gold and silver aren’t quite as shiny as some stores’ imitations, so keep your eyes peeled for the pieces that don’t overdo it.

Buy only clear gemstones

While it’s a bit easier to make clear gemstones look expensive, any type of colorful, plastic gem will be a dead giveaway when it comes to cheap jewelry. If you’re still dying to add a bit of color to your jewelry, opt for non-precious or semi-precious stones instead.

Steer clear of anything beaded

We’ve all seen those overly-beaded colorful necklaces that look like they came from a craft fair – and when it comes to looking expensive, they just don’t pull through. (Not to mention they tend to give off slightly more mature vibes.) If beads are your thing, use the “less is more rule,” if you want to elevate a look.

Opt for heavier pieces

Obviously, even the most expensive dainty pendant necklace isn’t going to weigh a lot – but for statement pieces, make sure they actually have some weight to them. Otherwise, they’ll end up looking loose and flimsy when you wear them.

Choose daintier necklaces over statement bibs

At this point, giant statement bibs are a bit of a tired look – and they tend to break the whole, “no colorful gemstones,” rule. If you want to go for a piled-on look with lots of bling, layer smaller necklaces instead – it will look more polished and elegant.

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