Everything You Need To Know About Buying A New Sticky Bra & Keeping It Clean

September 10, 2018 by Keren Leshem
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Is there ever a time where tastefully-revealing dresses and open-back tops aren’t in style? The answer is no. When you’re looking to rock a sexy, backless ensemble, every woman needs one thing: your trusty strapless sticky bra!

The adhesive bra comes in handy when we have events like parties, weddings, and date nights, and an open-back top or dress we want to wear. If you’re against going braless because you need some lift and coverage (which we totally understand) sticky boobs are a must.

The one downside to sticky bras is they tend to lose their stickiness and can start to feel gross after a couple of wears. When this happens, it’s either a) time to clean your sticky bra or b) time to buy a new one entirely. Here’s how to do both! Keep scrolling to find out how to clean your sticky bra.

Our Favorite Sticky Bras To Shop For Your Next GNO

1. Nordstrom Sticky Bra

Nordstrom Ultra Light NuBra ($40)

— Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars

— Available in sizes A, B, C, D

Customer Review: “I was surprised at how well this adhered and stayed on all night! I would recommend this to anyone looking for this type of bra.


2. Aerie Sticky Bra

Aerie Backless Bare Bra ($32.50, down from $36.50)

— Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

— Available in sizes A, B, C, D

Customer Review: “These worked out for me. They stay on. At first I was self conscious and wondering how long they would stay, but they lasted for a wedding and a reception. Don’t expect too much support.

3. Target Sticky Bra

Fashion Forms Women’s Superlite Adhesive Strapless Backless Bra ($16.99)

— Rated 4 out of 5 stars

— Available in sizes A, B, C, D, DD

Customer Review: “I love these bras for the summer! I find them to be the perfect solution for wearing strapless, halters, or spaghetti straps garments. They stay in place and provide a modest level of lift. They cover pretty well and they can be reused. I wear about 40 B- so I don’t know how they would work on women with fuller bust lines. I ordered the size C- just to make sure they cover everything I want covered. I love them because I hate to wear full coverage bras in the heat of summer and I do not like my bra straps hanging out. These little stick on bras are the perfect solution to my summer dressing dilemmas.”


4. Pink Sticky Bra

PINK by Victoria’s Secret Backless Bra ($24.95)

— Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars

— Available in sizes A/AA, B/C, D/DD

Customer Review: “I bought the backless bra for my wedding dress. I went on line and asked Hannah via the Live Chat about this product and she was VERY helpful! I bought this bra because she was so helpful and it had good reviews. I wore it on my wedding day and it was so comfortable and stayed in place the entire time. I am looking forward to wearing it with my summer tank tops! Thank you Victoria Secret for helping me look fantastic on my wedding day!

Cleaning Your Sticky Bra

If you’re like me, and most women on this planet, you probably have a love/hate relationship with this popular (but more functional) style of lingerie. Sticky boobs are annoying, but an essential item in a woman’s closet. However, the bra is not always practical. It’s always a guessing game of whether or not a sticky bra will stay securely attached and comfortable for the entire day (or night, that is).

It increases your odds of an upsetting potential nip-slip. We all know that very few things are more embarrassing than having one cup pop off in public, out of nowhere. *Cringes* Chances are, we’ve all unfortunately fallen victim to this.

But of course, not all of us feel like running out to the store to buy a new sticky bra after every single time we wear one. No one has the time, or money, for that. So, what’s the magic hack to reusing one and making your sticky bras, you know, stick again? The simple solution lies in your cleaning methods. Once and for all, here’s how to clean a sticky bra and actually keep it that way.

The secret to getting back that sticky bra back in tip-top shape? It involves just three simple steps and using soap and water. Yep, it’s that easy! Just was your bra with soap and water–no towel or cloth necessary, here.

How To Clean A Sticky Bra & Make It Adhesive Again:

1) After every use, rinse the bra cups with warm water and a few drops of hand soap. This washes off all of your skin’s oils and residue from the sticky bra.

2) Scrub off any dirt that got caught in the bra adhesive. This step should make your sticky bra reusable for, well, ever! Who would have thought that just adding water could make your bra way more adhesive again!

3) After you rinse your adhesive bra with soap and water, let the cups dry overnight. Put them on a flat surface, like your dresser or a countertop, with the sticky side up. If yours came in a little plastic package when you bought it (and you’re responsible enough to have saved it this whole time), you can even leave the packaging open and let the boob covers dry in there. You don’t need to worry about wiping off any excess water or drying it with a towel, so resist the urge to pat them down.

Like magic, the bra dries on its own and eventually returns to its former sticky glory. Your sticky boobs will be ready to wear with that backless dress you’ve been saving for GNO, in no time! And now they’re guaranteed to stay put during an entire night of dancing. It’ll feel like a whole new bra–no more worrying about potential nip slips!

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