How To Prevent Your Skirt Or Dress From Wrinkling If You Sit All Day

May 22, 2016 by Isabel Jones
shefinds | Style

Sometimes I wish I could just admire my clothing on its hanger, tucked away in its forever home, my closet. There it could live peacefully, unimpeded by the chaos of humanity… But, alas, boots were made for walking and clothes were made for wearing. They have to grow up quick out on the street, and within hours every skirt and dress comes to meet public enemy No. 1: WRINKLES.

Wrinkles’ partner in fashion crime is none other than the dreaded desk job. Most of us have them, we sit for eight hours staring into the abyss of a computer screen (like right now!) paying no mind to the wrinkles that will soon seep in to our most beloved clothing items. It reads like a Stephen King novel, truly.

BUT (yay, there’s a but!) there are ways to fight back against the wrinkle epidemic.

First off, you must prepare your clothes for battle:

  • Make sure your clothes are completely dry and cool before you put them on. Don’t rush into a pile of clothes straight out of the dryer or anything that’s even a tad damp.
  • Buy wrinkle-resistant fabrics! Silk is gorgeous, but not an ally in the anti-wrinkle war.
  • Spray your clothes with wrinkle-release spray before you put them on. This will help prevent creasing throughout the day.

Phase 2 – Sitting Correctly:

  • Pull the bottom of your skirt or dress when sitting so the fabric is flat against you.
  • Try not to cross your legs at your desk! I know, it’s hard, but keep your legs outstretched whenever possible.
  • Avoid placing any sort of pressure or weight against your skirt or dress.

    • Don’t rest anything in your lap
    • Try to avoid friction with your purse and/or jacket

Phase 3 – Remedy. When the damage has already been done and you need a quick fix, here’s the deal:

  • Blow dry the crease! Just remember not to let the blow dryer actually touch the fabric and make sure it doesn’t linger in the same spot for too long.
  • Wet the crease with warm water and pull it taut.
  • Again, wrinkle-release spray! Follow-up with a post-wear spray and let your item find its way back to pre-wear normalcy.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes!


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